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SOS eNews: September 2010

enewsletter Sept 2010


Pakistan Flood Appeal

Fourth Children's Village for Nigeria

A new Trustee for SOS


Pakistan Flood Appeal

Almost 20 million people have now been affected by the devastating floods in Pakistan. Fortunately, all of our eight Villages in the country have escaped damage, so we are ready and able to provide shelter for unaccompanied children. We have also begun an Emergency Relief Programme which will deliver 100,000 food parcels, tents and medicine to families in need. Each food parcel costs £13 and will provide enough food to feed a family for 10 days.

It is estimated that half a million tonnes of both wheat and sugar have been destroyed by the floods, so these food parcels will mean the difference between life and death.

Please donate now if you can

The President of SOS Children’s Villages for Tibetan children has recently described what’s happening at our Village in Leh-Ladakh – situated on the River Indus, very near areas affected by the flooding.

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4th village

Fourth Children's Village for Nigeria

Construction of our fourth Village in Nigeria has finished in the central city of Jos, a city which has been at the centre of communal violence for years. However, although completed, it is not yet safe for the children and SOS mothers to move in.

Jos lies on the fault-line between Nigeria's mainly Muslim north and its largely Christian south. There have been deadly riots in the city in 2001, 2008 and 2010, which have left hundreds of people dead. Construction of the Village began in June 2008, a few months before the violence erupted.

The completed Village has 12 family homes, an SOS Nursery, an SOS School and an SOS Social Centre, and will be able to offer a sanctuary for orphaned and abandoned children caught up in the turmoil of the area. Read more

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new trustee

A New Trustee for SOS

We have recently elected Jeremy Sandbrook, SOS Deputy Continental Director for Western Europe & North America, as a new trustee of SOS UK.

Jeremy will be Peter Voelker’s acting replacement from our international office. He will join Dame Mary Richardson (President), Mary Cockcroft (Chairman), Ayesha Khan, David Stranack, the Earl of St. Andrews, Ulf Larsen, Michael Riding and Michael Brewer.