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SOS Children launches Christmas range 2010

Child with Christmas Hat on

We are delighted to announce the launch of our 2010 Christmas range, including a brand new, customisable Calendar. Buy gifts for friends and family to usher in the festive season, safe in the knowledge that for you, Christmas truly is a time for giving. As well as your friend or family member receiving a gift, a donation will also be made to SOS Children.

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Christmas Child Sponsorships

As always, we offer child sponsorships at Christmas time. An opportunity to buy a child sponsorship for your friend or family member to open on Christmas day, a child sponsorship is a special, thoughtful gift that will provide a long term benefit to orphaned and abandoned children around the world.

Christmas Cards

This year, SOS Children has a range of Christmas cards and other Christmas favourites. There are 11 different card designs, a special ‘3 for 2’ offer, and six other Christmas items, including crackers and Advent calendars.

Alternative Gifts

If you would like to make a donation to the SOS Children’s Village in Basse, the Gambia, then why not buy an alternative gift card for your friend or family. These come at various different prices, and come listed with what they could provide. As an example, a gift card priced £15 could pay for a month’s transport to the SOS school for a child living in the local community.


If you are a computer whizz and want to spread the message of Christmas alongside the message of SOS Children, why not send an eCard.

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You can find out more about all of our Christmas offers in our Christmas Section…

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