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Suicide belt found at scene of Uganda World Cup blasts

Ugandan police have found an unexploded suicide bomber’s belt and arrested several people after two bomb attacks killed 74 football fans while they watched the World Cup final. A Somali group said yesterday that they were behind the attacks because Uganda is supporting Somalia's government in Mogadishu. A Ugandan official said a Somali's head was found at the scene of one blast, and he may have been a suicide bomber. The government opposition has since called for Ugandan peacekeeping troops in the African Union peacekeeping force in Somalia (AMISOM) to be pulled out of Somalia. But Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni condemned the attackers and said his country would not ‘run away’ from its commitments in Mogadishu.‘People who are watching football are not people who should be targeted. If they want a fight, they should go and look for soldiers.’

The unexploded suicide belt, which contained ball bearings, also found at the bomb sites was discovered at a third spot in the capital Kampala, a day after twin explosions ripped through a rugby club and a restaurant heaving with soccer fans late on Sunday. "What we found here is consistent with what we found on both scenes of crime. And so this is a very significant lead in our investigation," said inspector general of police, Kale Kaihura.Four people were arrested late yesterday in connection with the discovery of the unexploded vest, Edward Ochom, the director of criminal investigations told ABC news. He said the four were not Ugandan but would not say their nationalities.

The crowded rugby club took the worse of the blasts. At both spots, chairs were left overturned, blood and body parts on the floor. The US-based aid group Invisible Children, which helps child soldiers, said one of its workers, Nate Henn, 25, was among those killed at the rugby club. The dead and wounded also included Ethiopian, Eritrean, Indian and Congolese nationals, officials said.

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