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In the wake of economic growth, many Ghanaians now enjoy improved living standards. For poor children, however, life is tough and life chances limited. That's why we support fragile families provide care to children with no one else in three locations in Ghana. … more about our charity work in Ghana

Edgbarrow School publishes book for SOS Children

Edgbarrow School in Berkshire has a very special relationship with the SOS Children’s Village in Asiakwa, Ghana.

After a friend of one of the teachers visited the Children’s Village in 2008 and returned to tell about the need for IT equipment, the school decided to embark on a fundraising mission to raise the money necessary to equip an IT suite at the Children’s Village.

The latest addition to their fundraising efforts is the publication of a book called ‘Yoruba legends’, illustrated by the students at the school. The book describe the  adventures of men and animals, and tries to explain the mysteries of Nature -  Why Women have Long Hair, How the Leopard got his Spots, the Three Magicians,  the Boa-Constrictor, How the Elephant got his Trunk and more.

50% of the net profits will go to funding IT equipment for the SOS Children’s Village in Asiakwa, to give the children there the possibility to communicate with the students at Edgbarrow directly.

The book is available to buy from http://www.abelapublishing.com/yoruba.html

At present there are two SOS Children's Villages in Ghana, two SOS Youth Homes, two SOS Nurseries, five SOS Schools, one SOS Vocational Training Centre, four SOS Social Centres and two SOS Medical Centres. One SOS Children’s Village is under construction and another one is planned.