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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Tela, Honduras

Sponsored child from Tela
Sponsored child from Tela

A child sponsorship report from Tela in Honduras. Written in 2009.

Dear sponsors,

We are sending special greetings trough the distance to each one of you on behalf of the children, mothers and staff in SOS Children Village Tela.

We want to share with you the goals and experience developed in the first months of the present year.   Our population is 131 children (boys and girls) they are living between 8 or 9 children in each home.  In the Youth Community of Boys are living four boys.

The scholar year began well for everybody. Last year they children got average between 85% and 95% in their grades.   Now they continue very enthusiastic and responsible with the classes since the younger in pre-school until secondary or learning an occupation in the workshops, two young are studying and working in that way are getting preparation to get their independence life later.   The children the in first stage of elementary school have adapted very well because their results of the first period.

At end of the present year four young will conclude the secondary studies, three of them as Teachers and one as Bachelor in Business Administration. They are very glad and proud as their mothers and looking forward the day of graduation.  Also a group of independent young are following their secondary studies supported through the scholarship SOS Program.

Other activities that many children keep involucrate are: taking catechesis classes on afternoon on Monday.  Also a group of young are taking part of the Red Cross in this city, they participate educative campaign, youth group in the Catholic Church, Theater group.  The theater group had two presentations they have made excellent.

About the health of each of the children they have been excellent thanks of the measuring of prevention, attention and care of each one of the mothers give to the children, even tough we have some emergencies that three children brook one of their arms, they got immediate attention in the local hospital, in the same way some children who require appointment with the specialists the mother are carries out them.

The mothers continue with the process of autonomy, it reflects the love, compromised and responsibility to give all complete formation to their sons.  In the moments of economic crisis they are making all efforts to keep the attention to children considering that the highest prices of the food and scholars expenses.  

The Strengthening Family Program, has eight Community Centers where are benefited 296 children and 180 families in the areas where they need all the attention that this Program is giving.  One of the best goals are:  they low the cases of malnutrition; they are developing a program called “ Learning and Enjoying” also a group of single mothers have been getting different trainings it have helped to have better their self-esteem and reflect major leadership for the community and their families.

Histories as this are many that repeat in all parts of the country, but Vita, had the blessing to be welcomed to this SOS Village where living with his brothers.

All the progress that today we are telling you can be possible only with the support of many kind people like you and other around the world.  Thank you very much!