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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Sponsored child from San Pedro Sula
Sponsored child from San Pedro Sula

A child sponsorship report from San Pedro Sula in Honduras. Written in 2009.

Dear sponsors,

Receive on behalf of the 139 children, mothers and co-workers in the SOS Children Village San Pedro Sula, best wish and our gratitude for your support, thanks to that our children continue satisfactorily as in their studies and daily activities.

In the Children Village each of them are attending their elementary and secondary education. It is a pleasure to inform you about the goals and plans developed through these five months in this year.  

The SOS youth Community of girls and boys are living nine young. Last year four of them got their graduation and they have found an employ therefore they are getting training and preparing to obtain their independence life. Each one of these young have good relationship with their SOS mothers and siblings from the village, they comes frequently to visit them.

Our country as all the word continue with difficult economic situation, but we are following doing all the best possible for the children, and all the necessity could be resolve on time.    About the Educative Area, it has been regular, because the teachers in the school have been in unemployment labors, even though in the first period the majority of the students approve their grades with a very good average.   The students with learning difficulty have been getting individual support in the Rehabilitation school, they have gotten good progress.

We have organized a group of 34 young boys and girls to received training about Value Education, and make recreational activities and collaborator with the care of the green areas around the houses.   This year we have celebrated the Mothers Day as other last years, and the children and young: They sing, dance and say poems to the mothers and gave present to them, the mothers were proud of each of their sons.

Also we have organized the team female soccer, they are motivated and have played with other teams from the city schools. The mothers always are looking opportunities to integrate the children such as in theater group, young groups in the Catholic Church too.   On June it is celebrated in the city San Pedro Sula, The festival, some of the young participate decorating the float and participate in the parade on the streets of the city, and the mother goes with her sons to the mechanics games.

The first months of the present year they had received the medical visit giving attention to each one of the children and young.

Thanking your valuable and kind support through these years.


Sra. Ana Lizeth Alberto

Directora Aldea Infantil SOS

San Pedro Sula