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El Salvador

In 1998, SOS Children's Villages established an emergency aid programme in El Salvador after Hurricane “Mitch” hit Central America. SOS Children's Villages provided more than 2000 families with food and medical aid, and temporary accommodation for over 100 children who had lost their families … more about our charity work in El Salvador

Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from San Miguel, Ecuador

Sponsored child from San Miguel
Sponsored child from San Miguel

A child sponsorship report from San Miguel in Ecuador. Written in 2009.

Dear Friends,

Have a warm greeting from El Salvador one more time, specifically from the children of the SOS Children’s Village San Miguel. We hope you can know more about the lives of the different families of the village after reading this information.

The SOS Social Centre continues to give support through its services to the community with the Family Strengthening Programme that assists families in a vulnerable condition. This year we are assisting 128 boys and girls between three months and six years old that are from different areas of the city of San Miguel, we are also assisting 174 boys and girls between six months to six years old in the Childminding Programme; there are some special cases of older brothers who are in risk and we also support them taking care of them while their parents are at work. Right now we are assisting 100 families at the SOS Social Centre and 107 families in other places of San Miguel that present high rates of vulnerability. We are working hard to improve the quality of the services that we offer in the programme, strengthening the training of the educators at the SOS Social Centre and at the communities as well because they have direct contact with the children.

This year we continue having the support of other entities that help us in different ways. There are two important universities of San Miguel city that are giving us support with students of psychology that help us with the work with children at the SOS Social Centre and this year also with the children at the communities. There are also some governmental and private institutions that help us with the women and family development; they provide education in themes like preventive health, upbringing practices, personal development and human rights among others.

By the other hand, on March 6th we celebrated the international woman’s day and everybody participated in the activities planned for the day. Claudia was in charge of giving all the participants a little purple ribbon, at night they all were making reflections about the role of the woman in the society and the world; names like Mother Therese of Calcutta and Rigoberta Menchú were mentioned so as other women who are an example here in the country. Another activity that we had this year was the softball tournament and the children showed their sport abilities, that day was special and different because the collaborators of the village and the SOS Social Centre also participated.

We want to share with you that we have currently thirty youth living in the SOS Youth Facilities so this year a new youth leader is working with us; with her we have three youth leaders now supporting our youths who make their biggest effort in order to prepare for their future independent life. Jaime, Julio and Dina are subscribed in a programme of a school where they can study and learn a trade at the same time; they stay at the school the entire week and go visit their SOS families on weekends. Keny, their SOS mother is very proud of them and motivates them to keep making their effort; they tell her what they do during the week and are very happy to be there. Carlos has started his university degree in civil engineering and Santiago preferred to study psychology; Magali continues his degree in nursing and is in charge of a group of students from the institute that she graduated last year. Some of our youths were very happy last January because they could vote and their candidate to be the mayor of the city won the elections. Another special event that we want to share with you is that one of the youth leaders for the young ladies came with Leticia to her birthplace; it was the first time she visited the town and could talk to her relatives. It was a special trip for her because she had the opportunity to meet her father; she had never seen him, now she feels better because of this important event in her life.

This is what we can tell you at the moment, we hope you enjoyed reading and knowing more about our children in the village. We want to thank you again for giving us the opportunity to provide all our children and youths a family with love, respect and security.  With your help and support we can make all this possible. Once again, thank you very much. May God bless you always.

Yours sincerely,

Angel Adalberto Argueta        

Village Director            

SOS Children’s Village San Miguel