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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Samneua, Laos

Sponsored children from Samneua
Sponsored children from Samneua

A child sponsorship report from Samneua in Laos. Written in 2009.

Dear  Sponsors,

As the Season’s Greetings soon coming, we would like to thank you very much for your kind and continuous support to our SOS Children’s Village Samneua. And in this opportunity allow us  to present our progress report regarding to the development and the recent events in our village to you.

Our village has provided until now 117 children in grand total in which 100 parentless children are living in 10 different family houses, 16 malnutrition children from 1 to 3 years old staying in 2 special houses.  10 mothers and 10 aunties have a high responsibility to take care of their beloved children, especially to the mentioned malnutrition children because they need an intensive care to reach the standard frame of weight and the mental status.
At present all children enjoy living there with love, respect and security. Almost of them are in good health.

For the academic year 2009-10 almost of our children are happy to attend at our SOS School Samneua: 40 in different classes of primary level, 49 in lower secondary level, 11 in upper secondary level. The additional classes in weekends were also arranged together with the SOS School for the children on weak learning. Almost of them paid closely of their study.

To improve and develop the knowledge of our mothers, our active doctor and her nurse from Medical Center gave some lectures on healthy nutrition, sanitary education, prevention on contagious diseases which depended up from seasons: malaria, gastro-enteritis and especially dangerous influenza ( H5 N1, H1N1).  19 children received the vaccination on anti- Meningo-Encephatitis Japonais ( MNJ ).

Some activities inside and outside the village were also organized for our mothers and children:  the important Days and traditional festivals (  SOS Day on 23rd June, Labor Day on 1st June and Buddhist Lent ), presentation on anti-drug subjects, sport competitions ( Football and volley ball) between children and mothers and sight-seeing at historic cave , nature places followed by a funny picnic. Especially on grand vacation  one girl Latsamy “Ouy” from FH No 02 and one boy  Phouxay “Ya “ from FH No 08 joined the national competition on Table tennis and won the 3rd prize. On 7.10.2009  as the Teacher’s Day our village team of volley ball participated in the provincial competition and won the 1st prize. 

The SOS Nursery has provided 60 children and all of them come from neighborhood.

Besides that 4 attached projects are still well operating such as:
1-    Project for malnutrition children is one of our important attached projects and belongs of our Family Strengthening Program (FSP). From the mid year2009 until now 55 children in malnutrition status were getting the reanimation for 4-6 months by different kind of healthy food, exercises of muscles, then  39 of them were returned to hometown with the satisfied health in physical and mental status. After bringing them back home, we had to follow their health for 1 year. Just right now 16 malnutrition children in need are living in 2 special houses at our village.
2-    Day Care Centre has provided 18 children in total from 1 year to 2 years old. All of them come from neighborhood.
3-    Aid program for poor children belongs also of our FSP (Family Strengthening Program) : there are now 20 children in total ( 15 in Kindergarten and 5 in Day Care Center).
4-    SOS Medical Centre so-called Social Center has provided for the second half of year 2009,  1088 outpatients in total in which 222  times of women and children came for first aid , 40 received the 5 kinds of vaccinations( anti-polio, anti-diphteria, anti-pertussis, anti-meales, anti-hepatitis B), 02 pregnant women came for consult , 288 women participated in the Family Planning , 308 received the counseling support, 33 children obtained  the anti-parisitic treatement , 195 children in lower of 5 years old in under following of the weight.

Dear Friends, Dear Sponsors, on behalf of all children, mothers and everyone here, please kindly accept our grateful thanks for your kind and generous support. We would like to wish all of you have a strong health, success in your works and prosperity reigning in your family.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr Soumata Dengchampa                                                                              

National Director