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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Rourkela, India

Sponsored children from Rourkela
Sponsored children from Rourkela

A child sponsorship report from Rourkela in India. Written in 2009.

Dear Friends,

At the very outset we would like to thank you for your valuable and committed support that you have been providing to us. With a feeling of deep joy and pride we take the opportunity to inform you about the recent developments at the SOS Children’s Village, Rourkela during the last six months.


We have brought home 3 children (2 boys and 1 girl) in the last six months to take the total number of children in the village to 167(69 boys and 98 girls). They are living under the care of fifteen dedicated mothers. 14 girls and 2 boys are pursuing their higher education staying in hostels.


125 of our children (57 boys and 68 girls) are attending day schools.  The educational performance of the children is noteworthy. 98 % of children passed their annual examination and got promoted to the next higher classes. Twelve children passed class-VII Orissa Board examination and among them two girls passed in 1st class. One girl has successfully   passed her Intermediate Science examination another girl is pursuing her 2nd year degree engineering course at Koustub Institute of Self Domain, Bhubaneswar.

You would be pleased to know that 6 children from Village Preparatory and 11 children from the Village Kindergarten got admission into different formal school.  Now the strength of Village Nursery is 23 (8 boys and 15 girls).

Achievements and Activities

One of our girls bagged 3rd prize in a dance competition organized by Music Circle, Rourkela. One of our boys got Gold Medal in State Level Karate Competition and another boy participated in National Level Karate Competition at Nasik, Maharastra and won 3rd prize.

20 of our children along with Education Co-workers visited many places of Balangir and Sambalpur district on a 3 days tour. They visited Naursinghnath temple, Hirakud dam, Ghanteswari and Samaleswari temple. It was a very interesting trip for them and they enjoyed every moment of it.

15 SOS mothers participated in one day programme organized by SOS Social Centre on the occasion of International Women’s Day. On 8th March a one day long leadership training for the mothers was organized in the village.

We celebrated many festivals like Saraswati Pooja, Pana Sankranti (local festival), Mahasivaratri, Holi, etc. with great passion during the last 6 months. Besides this Republic day, World water Day, Mother’s Day were also celebrated in the SOS children’s village premises. On 14th April, “Panan Sankranti”, a local Festival was celebrated in all the family houses in the Village. Mother prepared a delicious sarbat (drink) with milk, cheese, curd & fruits etc. They offered it to the God & distributed it to all the children. This festival is also celebrated as Oriya New Year.

During summer vacation the children participated in many activities like spoken English class, Painting and quiz competitions.  A well equipped new computer lab has been set up in the village where the children have great fun while learning and acquiring new skills on Computer that added to their knowledge and pleasure.  28 children from the village attended a Summer Camp at Chinmaya Mission, Rourkela. This Camp lasted for four days. The basic theme of the camp was spiritual and personal wellbeing of every child. A group of 15 adolescent boys and girls from the village attended one month coaching for various sports activities at Ispat Stadium, Rourkela organized by Rourkela steel Plant.

Youth Facility

Now there are 27 youths in the Youth house, Rourkela. Out of which 7 youths are living in hostel. Youths participated in the marathon race against terrorism organized by Youth hostel association of India and the district administration. One of our youths came first in his group and stood second among all the participants. . A group of youth along with the youth leader participated in a nature expedition camp at Tikarpada wild life sanctuary. Youths attended the seminar organized by Ispat General Hospital in association with NACO on the topic “HIV/AIDS and its evil effect on society” at Indo-German Club, Rourkela.

Community Programmes

Currently the strength of Pre-School Training centers is 464 (222 boys and 242 girls). In addition to this, 290 (140 boys and 150 girls) children are also getting the services under the Family Strengthening Programme. 25 students (Vocational Training) are being given scholarship.

During the last 6 months different training programmes were organized like Training on Reproductive and Child Health and training on child rights and responsibilities and prevention of child abuse. On 8th March 2009 International Women’s Day was observed in SOS Social Centre, Rourkela. One of our Self Help Groups (SHGs) participated in a State Level Tribal Fair and two district level exhibitions. Another SHG also participated in one of the district level exhibitions and both the SHGs displayed the items prepared by them.

The faith and trust you have reposed in our work has enabled us to fulfill our promises to our children.  Our mission and goals ahead are possible because of our growing family of donor and friends whose friendship and continuing support we greatly cherish.   We are hopeful that you would continue to provide your valuable support and motivate us in future endeavors.

With Best Wishes & Warm Regards.
Yours Sincerely,

H.P. Mahapatra
Village Director