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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Retalhuleu, Guatemala

Sponsored child from Retalhuleu
Sponsored child from Retalhuleu

A child sponsorship report from Retalhuleu in Guatemala. Written in 2009.

Dear Friend:

Receive a cordial greeting on behalf SOS Children´s Villages in Retalhuleu, in this opportunity we would like to share all moments we had passed through and enjoyed with the children, youth, SOS mothers and co-workers.

As of 2009 five girls and three boys had been admitted in our programme, they are around the ages of one to nine years of age and came from different regions of our country. Several questions come up at the moment of admitting a child into an SOS family: which is going to be his or her room? Which school is he/she going to study? It is very nice to see how neighbour families share the excitement of the family due a new member arrival.

The children integrate to their SOS families very fast and acquire characteristics that identify them as part of it. The youngest children soon recognize their SOS mother and the rest of brothers and sisters to whom they express their love through smiles, games and kisses. The change is evident in the behaviour and expressions of the children of recent admission as they laugh and share with the rest of the people.

The population of the villages is one hundred and twenty six children (55 girls and 71 boys). They grow up physically and in knowledge as well. This year 115 children registered in different schools, the academic results in the evaluation of the first quarter had been very good, all of them make every day their best effort to be good students and the SOS mothers support them in doing their homework.

Sports are part of the integral development of the children, therefore thanks to the donation of a group of sponsors the basketball court was remodelled and now it became a multiple sports court, which is used by all children to play different sports. A group of children is now participating in a school football championship and feel very excited as is one of their favourite sports.

We also would like to share the energy and dreams of all youth living in the youth facilities of Retalhuleu. 14 boys and 15 girls are dedicated to academic and labour activities according to their age. The boys participate in different activities as a support to their independence as business or learning professional occupations. Four girls will graduate this year in different professions that will allow them to have an independent life. Once a week they also receive pastry lessons, this makes them happy as it gives them the opportunity to learn and obtain useful skills for their independent life. Within other activities the youth receive self-esteem and reproductive health workshops.

In the youth group, two of them have special mental impairments therefore they study in specialized centres where they receive special attention that allows them to improve their abilities and social relationships.

On vacation time at Easter, the families organized themselves to go together to recreation parks or any other place to have a day to share with family, the favourite places are the pools with slides, rivers, sea and other families prefer to stay in town to see all processions which are part of the Guatemalan culture during this season.

We appreciate your commitment with all children and youth in SOS Children´s Village of Retalhuleu, we say good bye with the same energy and enthusiasm that children give us everyday. We will be looking forward the next opportunity to inform you a little bit more about the daily living in the village.

Best Regards,