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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Qiqihar, China

Sponsored children from Qiqihar
Sponsored children from Qiqihar

A child sponsorship report from Qiqihar in China. Written in 2009.

Dear sponsors,

It is my pleasure to share with you the recent development and events that have taken place in SOS Children’s Village Qiqihar during the last 6 months.

You know, Qiqihar is in the north of China, it often snows in winter, the common games locally for children is making snowman, playing with snow, skating on the ice. The ski run has been build in Qiqihar for some years, it is very close to our village yet our children have never been there. On Jan.19 children just started their winter vocation, in the morning a meeting was held to award the children who made progresses at school, more than 70 children had been awarded, in the afternoon they were brought to the local famous ski urn, when they saw the white snow world they shouted and jumped for joy, 2 hours later they were brought back, they all felt very tired but very happy, they said they would study even hard and look forward for the next chance to come again.

January 23 this year is the Spring Festival, a traditional festival in China, like common families, people in the village all got up early and put on new clothes, children decorated their rooms with colored paper cuts and baloons; mothers bought some candy, peanut, meet and vegatable from market and prepared delious foods, people were all happy with joys. In the afternoon led by the village director the mayor of Qiqihar and some leaders from the local government visited each families and gave a small gift to each child, they joined in making dumplings together with children and mothers, they chatted with children and asked them some interesting questions, the cheering and laughing could be heard constantly, they also encouraged our children to make progresses in the coming new year. At 7 in the evening the 8th new year’s show was given by the village orchestra, children were singing, dancing and playing traditional music instruments to express they thanks to the leaders and the sponsors who were present, the adults all enjoyed in the children’s performance and glad to see their improvements.

The second Sunday of May is mother’s day, children tried their best to do one thing for their mothers, some of them did housework, some looked after sisters and brothers, some drew the beautiful pictures, some made paper cuts, some girls made flowers with coloured paper and some youths who had already departed from our village came back to see their mothers with small gift, So the SOS mothers in the village were not only rest but also very happy that day.

Now all the children in the village are busy at school except 5 kinds in the SOS Nursery.

Since it was too much snow last winter, the air is very clean and humid this spring, the weather is getting warmer and warmer, the flower are blooming, it is nice season now.

Best wishes from all the people in the village!

Yours sincerely

Ms. Zhang Fengqin  (Village Director)