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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Puerto Varas, Chile

Sponsored children from Puerto Varas
Sponsored children from Puerto Varas

A child sponsorship report from Puerto Varas in Chile. Written in 2009.

Dear Sponsors:

Once again, we want to let you know about different events occurred during these first months of the year in our SOS Children’s Village Puerto Varas, city located in our beautiful region of lakes. It is in the south of Chile and one thousand kilometres distanced from the capital, Santiago.

We started the year happily, with family trips out of Puerto Varas. During the long and hot summer vacations, from middle of December to end of February, children went mainly to the beautiful Ranco and Llanquihue lakes, both located in the same region. Several children could visit their biological families that live in far and rural zones.

Today, there are 106 children and youngsters in our village distributed in 12 large two floor family houses, surrounded with nice gardens and play yards. This year, four children have returned to live with their biological families, since they had overcome their difficulties and had done their best effort to recover the contact and emotional ties. This is also part of our task and in the seven centres belonging to SOS Children’s Villages Chile, we work actively with children and their families, especially with their mothers who participate in diverse workshops and occupation trainings allowing them later to improve their economic situation, which means a direct benefit for children. Workshops are mainly focused on couples, with the purpose to recover and strengthen emotional ties.

In March, a new school year started and with this, sport activities. We have a workshop with martial arts; we count on a trainer who regularly comes to the village. We also have a teacher who helps children with learning problems.

This year we could not do remodelling of our family houses or purchase bigger appliances. But our mothers do their best to cheer up the environment of their houses with new plants and flowers or start a small vegetable garden to economize in their family budget.

Dear sponsors, we know that the financial crisis has reached the corners of the whole world and hope that it will be solved as soon as possible. We appreciate even more your generous and constant support, which makes possible that our children know this crisis only from the news and not on the raw.
Thank you, once again.


Jorge Tellez
SOS Children’s Village Puerto Varas