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After the devastating earthquake in 2015, we provided food, water, and first aid to families in desperate need. With ten Villages across Nepal and three in the crisis zone, we are continuing to deliver care to children separated from their families. … more about our charity work in Nepal

Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Pokhara, Nepal

Sponsored child from Pokhara
Sponsored child from Pokhara

A child sponsorship report from Pokhara in Nepal. Written in 2009.

Dear sponsors,

Thank you for your continued support.  There are currently 112 children in our Family Homes, in total we care for 194 children.

Schooling and education 

The SOS School, Pokhara is an extension of the SOS Children's Villages Pokhara that caters to the educational needs of both the Village children as well as Tibetan Children from the far off remote regions of North Western Nepal bordering Tibet. After completing their basic education till grade VII, they join the Hostel at SOS School Pokhara. However, the priority of admission in the Hostel is given to the Village children. Students of grade IX and above from the Village are sent to the High School Hostel. Besides, providing education to the Tibetan community, local children from financially backward families also avail the opportunity to study in both the Junior and Senior school. In the Academic session of 2008-2009, five of our Village children appeared for their grade X exams conducted by the Ministry of Education, Govt. of Nepal. Similarly, 18 (eighteen) of our senior students appeared for the grade XII exams in the month of May and are now waiting for their results. Thereafter, depending upon their performance and inclination they will go for further studies at the College level.


Regarding the interaction of our Village children with the real world outside the confines of the Village, we make every effort to expose our children with the rest of the Tibetan Refugee Community to learn about our rich culture, religion and traditions which are on the brink of extinction unless it is passed on to the younger generation.

A few of our children have close living relatives in different parts of Nepal. We make sure that they remain emotionally connected to them by the their frequent visits during their annual month long school vacation. In case, the parent or guardian cannot afford the travel expenses, the Village pays for their bus or airfare wherever necessary. The airfare is limited to children visiting their relatives in far-flung and inaccessible regions of North Western Nepal.


The seasonal change in the weather accompanied by minor illnesses have been duly checked and kept under control by our small dispensary, managed by a Nurse. In case of serious illness, the patient is referred to any of the Hospitals that are in the city. An ‘Aunty’ remains with the sick child till she/he recovers completely. Fortunately, as in the past years, we have had no serious illness.

Integration and New admission

This year seven of our senior children were successful in leading independent lives, either through gainful employment or as a result of family reunion. The integration of these children coupled with the passing out of senior children in grade XII enabled us to admit 18 new most deserving children who were in the waiting list for a long time. Among them, there are 6 boys and 12 girls. The newly admitted children are cases of complete orphans, divorced parents and semi-orphans.


We wish to offer our gratitude to the SOS Children’s Village France who has been the backbone of our existence. The frequent visits of Mr. Helmut Kutin, President, SOS KDI and other SOS Co-workers have always been an inspiration for us to work ever harder in providing the best for our children. We also humbly acknowledge the contribution of the National Office and other sister organizations in the country who have most cooperative in all our ventures.

Tashi Delek!