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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Obera, Argentina

Sponsored children from Obera
Sponsored children from Obera

A child sponsorship report from Obera in Argentina. Written in 2009.

Dear sponsor,

Once again with pleasure we are contacting you to tell you a bit more about our SOS Children’s Village in Oberá, their SOS families, activities and projects to this very special year: the Village is about to be 30 years by June 23rd. We would also like to thank you from the very bottom of our heart for your generous support; we know that all our work at SOS Children’s Villages would not be possible without you – thanks so much!

This year 2009 started with interesting outings and trips. The Village’s barnyard, with its creek and waterfall, was the preferred destiny of many of our families, each week alternating one family of the Village (sometimes two) spent some days at this place. There they enjoyed to play, swim and also as their favorite task, to fish by night and toe at an “asadito” (barbecue) especially prepared by uncle Filo for all boys and girls. 

Great deal of our boys, girls and youngsters also visited their biological relatives at several locations around the inner province of Misiones, for two cases these visits resulted in family strengthening works to start up the process of revinculation. Each one of a successful revinculation process is always a cheerful occasion, due to its importance we are extremely careful to observe, study and follow each case, supporting the family, working with them and with the official networks at town, there they meet and not till then start to plan the whole process. 

At our Village nowadays live 95 boys, girls and youngsters of different ages and 11 youngsters live at projects close to the Village, as to be the SOS Youth Community for Girls and the SOS Assisted Living Program. The community of our Village is working hard committed and training to every day improve the assistance we give to our children. Our goal is each one of them to grow up within a familiar environment with love, to be able to develop in all areas working towards a promissory future for every one of our boys, girls and youngsters.

Last year already we started this process of actualization at the trainings of all collaborators, especially regarding the SOS mothers and –aunts. Nowadays, even Don Elio, our maintenance chief is making upgrading courses on fixing of electrical apparels, and we are really seeing optimal results. This year we have incorporated a youth career to our team. This is a very important role at the Village since he supports and strengthens the mothers; standing by, guiding and orienting them to support these youngsters in order them to achieve their independences and to be able to accomplish their life projects. 

The network project with schools is also showing good results and we intend among all to optimize the resources and to improve the support the SOS mothers give at the family table while doing homework with open books. From our 95 boys, girls and youngsters, only two little ones aged 2 and 3 still do not go to school, all others are in school and making progress at their studies; 6 go to nursery, 51 to elementary school, 24 to high school, 4 are taking tertiary studies and 10 assist to special school, the others are already working. 

Among the extracurricular workshops most taken by our children and youngsters of the Village, the most popular one is soccer and athletics at the Sports Center in Oberá, where on weekends they participate at championships and contests. Many children also assist to folkloric dance’s, ceramics, carpentry, chorus, and guitar lessons (to this workshop also some mothers go, learning together with their boys and girls). Thus, some boys and girls take part at the Kids Police, there learning cohabitation rules and performing solidary trips and activities.  

This year we also go on working with the tasks at the area of children’s and adolescent’s rights. We continue with the work at the CONNAF (Council for the Rights and Guarantees of Boys, Girls, Adolescents and Family) of the city of Oberá, we take part at workshops and conventions on actualization at different areas of childhood and we already started the function of the team for protection of rights at the Village. 

We are especially focusing at the youngsters and their goals; our intention is to promote their abilities and to support them ever better. This is showing good results and each day we get surprised ever more. There is already functioning a committee of youngsters at our Village, each member taking over roles inside the team which are of great value. Some of them assist to the meetings of the CONNAF, taking turns to grant everybody this experience, for example: Rosana and Daniel went first, then Adriana and Ariel went to the second and later Romina and Rodolfo, always in previous agreement at the committee´s meetings. The group has also started campaigns as for example collecting containers for the regional hospital, they project movies for other youngsters of different schools and then arrange debates on them, focusing on social problematic areas such as discrimination, AIDS, human rights, etc. 

Everybody got prepared to take part at the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Village, and the 60 years of existence of SOS Children´s Villages worldwide occurring June, 23rd. The festival was called “My right to be a child”, very renowned artists from all over the province and who always support us, joined us at the celebration. Prior to the festival, the youngsters arranged a march from the Village to the site the festival took place, where the elder youngsters carried torches and the younger children white balloons as holding signs with different children’s rights mentioned at the Convention.

The beginning of the scholar year 2009 unfolded normally at our SOS School, located beside the Village. At start, all levels gathered to take part at the opening act, with presence of parents and neighbors of the community. At the time to school go 116 children of 4 and 5 years at preschool, 518 children to elementary, 261 youngsters to high school level as 78 youngsters and grownups to the training centers. 

By the Easter week, the parents of the preschool level prepared Easter baskets for their boys and girls in the frame of a project supported by the teachers. Boys and girls of upper classes every day receive their classmates and teachers with the opening of the school’s radio, spreading news and daily comments, and also collaborating during the breaks arranging games to enjoy the recreational moments between classes. The pupils from the secondary level started activities like building up a student council and the arrangement of groups to the “murga” (parade) representing the school. All lecturing projects at the preschool, as at elementary and secondary level as training centers are developing in a normal way, same as the extended scholar schedule.

For those demanding to know about our South American Athletics champion, we can tell you that Tino continues being supported by the CENARD (National Center for High Performance Athletes) and this year has already won several national competitions as beat his own record at shot put. This gives much incentive to the younger athletes living at the Village seeing themselves as Tino, … accomplishing his dreams. 

Once more we want to warmly thank you for your broadminded support; your help makes us possible that the boys and girls of our Children’s Village in Oberá can grow up within a family and get an education, slowly being prepared to become men and women of good.

Thank you very much and yours with cordial regards!

Claudia Kurz

Sponsorship Advisor