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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Mai Dich, Vietnam

Sponsored child from Mai Dich
Sponsored child from Mai Dich

A child sponsorship report from Mai Dich in Vietnam. Written in 2009.

Dear Sponsors,

Christmas and New Year time always bring to each of us here a peaceful, warm and happy feeling. In the special atmosphere, we would like to convey our deep gratitude to your continuous supports for our lucky children. And we also take this opportunity to inform you about events and development of SOS Children’s Village Mai Dich/Hanoi during the year 2009.

Child admission to SOS village

Thanks to thoughtfully research and timely legal and psychological procedures, we have successfully brought cozy home and ‘new life’ to 22 orphaned kids so far. These newcomers have made the number of those who are receiving SOS care up to 200 kids (96 boys, 104 girls). Some of the new comers came from ethnic minority, as the result, things seemed to be quite strange to them. At this moment, they all have a well harmony with their SOS siblings at the houses thanks to the good care and love from the SOS mother; and the good support from the village members as well. They (the kids) and the mothers have finally built up the emotional motherhood, brother & sisterhood and, of course, a cozy SOS family house based on the SOS principles.

Academic Performance

Have good academic performance, get suitable career and a better future’. We always guide and let our children move forward to the above motto. In July this year, 8 village adults attended the entrance exam to University and College. Among them, three boys have entered the university (Two in Hanoi Polytechnic University, one in Hanoi National University). The other five have also qualified for the Colleges of Finance, Tourism and Transportation, respectively. For those boys who study in the University, we have them studying and residing in the school’s hostels and dormitory. We have given priority to the girls studying in the university by letting them resided in the village female youth house. All the boys and girl often receive closely care and supervision from the village educator.

To promote achievements in the last year, we stepped up the study encouragement movement in family houses. Fair and good students took part in extra classes of good teachers while volunteers from local universities have kept up tutoring average and poor performance ones. With good preparation, all the village children have a self-confident start into the new school year. In the new school year 2009-2010, three boys in the Male Youth House were transferred to the vocational schools (cooking apprenticeship).

SOS Nursery

During many past years, our SOS Nurseries have attracted a great number of surrounding kids. The SOS Nursery has implemented the curriculum stipulated by the education and training sector with due emphasis on care and nutrition. The nutrition regimen has been put regular control. Therefore the health of all the children here is good and their parents highly appreciate this SOS Nursery. It has made tremendous efforts to gain the title ‘excellent nursery’ in many years.

SOS Youth Houses

The Male Youth house is getting bigger as its rising procedure. In 2009 alone, the House has received 7 boys from the village. As the result, there have been 27 boys, from 14 years old upwards, who are receiving the care and custody from two male educators and one female cooker at the House. For these ‘newcomers’, we have given them the preferable preparations and conditions; let them to be settle down on a daily basis since the first days they came. Therefore, they have now all adapted well to the life at the House. In the year 2010, the House is going to receive 10 boys (5 boys from the village and 5 poor boys who receive SOS scholarships).

As we mentioned in the last letter, nine matured girls- who are studying Universities and Colleges-have been residing in the Female Youth House since September 2008. We have just moved four other girls from the village to the House in this November, right after they officially started the new school year at their colleges. We are all happy to witness the elder sister in the House could support the younger ones in stabilizing their own lives. Time would be the right answer for how these girls could be independent in the coming years.

They all have good relation to their SOS families and often come back home on festival days and New Year holiday or sometimes, they only come back to find the warm family air between mother and other brothers and sisters.


In late July, we have fruitfully held ‘The 2009 KPMG Community Day at the SOS Village’ in coordination with the American Auditing company KPMG. All of our village members and the company staff have joined this activity. The Day was divided in to two parts. In the morning, we all together cleaning and decorating the family houses. Then we all have 16 groups coming to the 16 families to attend the so-called Food Cooking contest. In the afternoon, the Company staff and our kids joined the cultural exchange activity. We all performed traditional songs and dance; attended funny game shows and friendship football match. The Day concluded by prize reward to those who were the winners in the morning contest and gifts hand-over to the excellent student in the school year 2008/2009. All the guests have affirmed that we had a great and meaningful day at SOS village.

There was a very great and special event in our village in late months of year 2009. That was the 20th Anniversary of SOS Children’s Village Mai Dich/Hanoi, the anniversary was officially held on December 16th, 2009 in a jubilant and warm atmosphere. It’s a very happy day with all children and village staff. To make the celebration more meaningful and successful, we launched many competitions of drawing and making handmade products, composing stories, prose and verse… children expressed their happy feelings by drawing many nice pictures and writing many thoughts about life in the SOS Children’s Village. On that day we had a room to show all children’s products, children also had a very special music performance to welcome a hundred of guests coming to share our happiness and success. ‘It’s a very great day, unforgettable memory in our mind’, said the kids.

The number of adolescents is great after having  some years of work, so the ethic education for children is also very important, because at teenage, children are very easy to get adverse, lead to aberrance about the way of living when they are grown. This work is thought to be simple but it is very complicated, it requires adults have to be patient and delicate. Clubs of friendship, law-abiding, teenager health reproductive…, are often maintained on the monthly basis with the help of educators. Apart from that, the educators often held open talk with the boys and girls (mostly teenagers) to exchange the idea and get more mutual understanding.

After classes, children are encouraged to play sports games to keep them good health. Boys play football, basketball, volleyball while girls prefer badminton and rope skipping.  Every morning they get up at 5.30 am doing morning exercises. Most boys and girls attend classes such as Martial arts, dancing and singing at weekends. In fact, we are trying to create space, chances and good conditions for children to relax themselves.   

Best regards, we remain,

Yours truly,

Nguyễn Tiến Dũng
SOS Children’s Village Mai Dịch/Hà Nội