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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Lipa, Philippines

Sponsored children from Lipa
Sponsored children from Lipa

A child sponsorship report from Lipa in the Philippines. Written in 2009.

Dear Friend,

The year 2009 has opened another phase for SOS Children’s Village Lipa as it continues to tailor developmental opportunities to our 134 children and youths.   It was indeed a fruitful start for the whole family with activities laid out the first half of the year. Allow us to inform you on how it unfolded.

The first half started with a very auspicious moment, the retirement tribute of Mama Luz Valencia who completed her 35 years in service as SOS Mother in SOS-Lipa. By March, we hosted the visit of the Li Po Chun United World College of Hongkong which created enormous impact and great experiences between and among the Li Po Chun students and to our children and youths.

On the other hand, academically speaking, we had five pre-schoolers, five elementary students and four high school students who successfully graduated. Plus, some of our youths and children had received special awards from their respected levels.

As the summer vacation begun in April, the children who had difficulty in reading and comprehension and mathematics attended summer enrichment program in coordination with our SOS Nursery Lipa teachers. Aside from the family outing which some of the family houses already done, the five-day very memorable Village Summer Camp, and Sport fest were held in Aroma Beach Resort, Laiya, San Juan Batangas. The activities were organized and implemented by our youths through the guidance of the Youth Care Co-Worker. Likewise, during the Lenten season, children participated in religious practices such as “Visita Iglesia”, hiking and the likes.  The active involvement of some children in the San Vicente Parish was also noted.

Our SOS family had a busy half of 2009 and the planned activities have been accomplished. Nonetheless, the village will be working hard to ensure that the second half of 2009 is fruitful as the first for the development of our children and young people. You may not be here but the stewardship that you bestow on us through your generous contribution and ever growing concern, inspire us to do our best for these children. In behalf of the whole SOS Lipa family, our sincerest gratitude for your continuing support! We also wish that every child under our care will always be blessed with humility and grateful heart to all the people who made a better place for them – just like what you did for our SOS family!

With warm wishes and best regards,

Leonilo Rivero

Village Director