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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Leon, Nicaragua

Sponsored child from Leon
Sponsored child from Leon

A child sponsorship report from Leon in Nicaragua. Written in 2009.

Dear sponsors,

Receive a warmest greeting from all the villagers and co-workers of the SOS Children’s Village Leon.

This year we received with joy and enthusiasm each challenges that during this year we will have.

Nowadays we have 12 homes with a total of 79 children, where we work in a deeper focus to defend their rights to guarantee their development in the community.  We are very happy because all of them are in school. It’s important to say that some kids have grown up a lot since the first time that they came to the village.

For example Berania now is a teenager and in her school is the leader in a group called “Federación de Estudiantes de Secundaria” (FES). In this group have different meetings with other child of other schools and they have the opportunity to share their experiences and goals. Other examples are Ivania and Rosa Isela who have excellent academic scores, for that reason they are the best in all the Elementary School. It’s amazing how quick the year is going and now we are seeing positives results.

On February started an activity called “Around the world in eighty games” in this activity are participating children of the village with others kids of the community; the main goal of this activity is know and show different games and cultures of other kids who live around the world.

As every year in our country on March and April are months very hot and begins the summer vacations and during this time the SOS family do different recreational activities like swim in an inflatable pool located in the playground of the village, go to the church and sometimes children go to visit their biological family.

On May is a special month because in the middle of the month children start with different preparations to celebrate the Mother’s Day [In Nicaragua we celebrate that day on May 30]. This year they gave a surprise to each SOS mother with serenades.

The party continued on June in the celebration of the International Children Day with games, clowns, pizzas and piñatas [a piñata is a figure, usually made from a clay pot covered with paper mache and decorated in bright colors, with candy inside] each child was happy to share all that activities with their friends.

On July finished the first semester of school and kicked off holidays, in that opportunity 10 kids started swimming lessons in an Olympic pool in one of the Universities in Leon. With this lessons Jefferson showed his love and his skills to swim and his teacher saw a great swimmer in the future. Also in this month 5 kids started painting courses in the culture house Antenor Sandino Hernandez.

We hope with this news you can imagine how the lifestyle here is in the SOS village. We want to say once again thank you very much for your unconditional support.

Yours sincerely,

Victor Trujillo
Village Director
SOS Children’s Village Leon