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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Lavrovo, Russia

Sponsored child from Lavrovo
Sponsored child from Lavrovo

A child sponsorship report from Lavrovo in Russia. Written in 2009.

Dear sponsor,

During the past year three more children came to our SOS Children’s Village Lavrovo to find their new families here. The youngest of them is Maxim is four years old. Little Max and his biological sister Ljubov (8) had been almost placed to different children’s homes separately and could have been parted forever. Ljubov who loves her younger brother very much cried bitterly all the time at a thought of that.  Fortunately, today the siblings live in the same SOS Family, in House #3.

Until September there were 74 children in our SOS Village then seven kids moved to the SOS Youth Facilities. In the Children’s Village there are sixty seven children live now, age from 4 to 15 and there are 25 adolescents in two SOS Youth Facilities. Our big family is 30 girls, 37 boys and twelve SOS Mothers.  Sixty four kids are already school pupils and three children go to the kindergarten.

Usually orphaned children are of poor health when they first come to the SOS Village. It takes strong efforts from the SOS Mothers to heal their diseases, invigorate them, and help them to develop physically properly. Unfortunately, there is a lack of many medical specialists and diagnostic equipment in Orjol Region. So it was very important that our children had been fully examined by the doctors of the Medical Centre at Russian Academy of Medical Sciences with the support of “Nutritia“ Company. The SOS Mothers waited for it with hope. They considered all the doctor’s recommendations and had an opportunity to pay attention to some children’s diseases to prevent their development. The doctors were very attentive to our children, who entrusted them their concerns.

In April the event called “Flourishing Apple-trees” took place. All the SOS Village inhabitants were engaged in this beautiful, hand in hand happening. Kids of all ages had their sphere of work. The Master of the CV and elder boys from the SOS Youth Facilities cut old apples-trees’ branches. The elder boys also sawn thick branch timbers and put them in wood-stacks. We will have enough firewood for the SOS Village bath-house (sauna) where the children take steam-baths every Sunday. The girls cleaned lawns from last year leaf. In September the children gathered a rich harvest of apples.

Summer vacation is always long-awaited for the CV children as we try to make in as interesting, exciting and useful for them as possible. Twenty children went to children’s camps, for fifteen of them it was a rest at the Black Seashore. Thirty kids with their SOS Families went to vacation homes and health resorts to the Black Sea. For those children who stayed in the CV, “Summer Playground” project was organized. The SOS Village educators invented very interesting sporting, entertaining and educational program. All children were divided into two age groups – from 7 to10 years old and from 11 to fifteen. Every day was dedicated to a particular sphere or activity – Monday was “Knowledge day” with quizzes and crossword puzzles, Tuesday was “Communication day” with role-playing games and trainings, Wednesday - “Creativity day” with drawing and clay and paper modeling, Thursday was “Health day” with sports competitions and outdoor games, and the favourite day – Friday, “Travelling day” when the kids would go to amusement parks, on excursions, attended circus and went hiking.  

September, 1st is the first school day in Russia. This year SOS Russia started new project called “Quality of education improvement” focused on the school of the community. Owing to it, the children came to the new English class with good equipment, teaching materials and texts books.  The children start English studies from the 2nd form and most of them are interested in it.

Almost all our seniors go in for track and field athletics. In September our children participated in the district track athletics competition, where girls won the first prize and the boys – the second. The Art studio successfully continues its work in the SOS Village, eleven children attend it. We also have a music hobby group where fourteen children prepare music and dancing programs and perform it not only in the SOS Village but also outside it.  Our children took the second place at the choral town contest. Several children attend the local music school where they learn to play the flute, accordion, violin and piano. Eighteen children were engaged in dancing rehearsals of the dancing studio of the CV during the year.  Fifteen children regularly go to the swimming pool. Besides, eight kids from the SOS Village and Youth Facilities go in for karate-do, one of the boys got advanced adult degree in it this year.

Our SOS Mothers, SOS Children and co-workers feel like a part of the large family SOS Children’s Villages International with the support of friends and colleagues that enables us to hope for better tomorrow for our children.