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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Kolkata, India

Sponsored children from Kolkata
Sponsored children from Kolkata

A child sponsorship report from Kolkata in India. Written in 2009.

Dear Sponsor,

The bright sun outside urges us to keep our promise to you, we are writing about your sponsored SOS Children’s Village Kolkata in West Bengal as it is our responsibility to be in contact with you this period of the year. We know how much you have been looking forward to getting this news. It is with great pleasure we send you information on recent events and developments in the village Kolkata as well as our warmest greeting and great feeling for your help during this time.

You are aware that SOS Children’s Village Kolkata is 31 years old since it’s inception and it is one of the oldest SOS Children’s Villages in India. It is our continuous endeavour here to create an atmosphere very near to a normal family for the lonely child who has been a victim of severe and unfortunate circumstances. Presently we have 150 children, 54 boys and 96 girls are growing up under the care of 15 devoted SOS mother in a congenial atmosphere. They are very happy to stay in the village and feel secured.

Children’s Education

Except 4, all children are going to different school English medium and Bengali medium according to their age and capability. 6 boys and 4 girls are reading in primary school and 47 boys and 72 girls are in secondary school – from class V to X. and 3 girls are doing bachelor degree course under University of Calcutta. Most of the children have been successful in annual examination of last academic semester and promoted to next higher classes. This year our two girls and 4 boys have been successful in final examination of class X under the West Bengal Board of Secondary Examination, one boy secured star in this examination. 4 boys admitted for higher secondary course for two years and two girls are doing vocational course on skin care and beautification. 4 girls passed final examination of class XII under the Board of Secondary Education and admitted to different college for bachelor degree course. 4 grownup girls have been admitted to SOS Nursing School in Anangpur, Faridabad in Haryana. It is three years diploma course. One boy has been selected for Hotel Management course after pass Higher Secondary examination in this year. 

Other Activities  

Besides study, children are learning dance, vocal music, drawing and crafts work etc. Specialist instructors teach them group wise according to their age. Some of the children are doing very well. Children are participating in different programme and competition inside and outside of the village. One boy and one girl have been selected in music competition in a television channel. They have participated in a training programme for 15 days organized by this TV channel. They can sing very well. A drawing competition organized by Kishalaya Institute of slow learner on 7th February. Twenty children participated in this programme, our three children won 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes in this competition. Children are skilled also in sports and games- football, cricket, throw ball and also in indoor games carom and chase. They participate in different match and win many prizes. The famous football player Baichung Bhutia visited our village and appreciated a lot about the skill on sports of our children.

Special Events

This year is full of events, celebrations, workshop and many other activities in the village. From 18th to 20th May’09 a workshop was held in the village on Performance management system for directors. All project directors, village directors from eastern zone of our country participated in this workshop.

Mother’s Day on 10th May and SOS Day on 23rd June were celebrated through good cultural programme. All children, mothers and co-workers participated and spend those days with great enthusiasm. In SOS Day Maj. Gen. Mr. R. P. Dastani was the chief guest of the programme. He appreciated a lot about the work and system of the organization. He interacted with the children and mothers of the village.


This year our 4 girls got married. All mothers and co-workers took part to arrange the marriage ceremony. The venue was the village auditorium. There are so many guests and well wishers came to bless the new couples. All inmates in the village enjoyed a lot in marriage ceremony. Presently those 4 girls are leading happy married life with their husbands in in-laws family.

Relief Work

SOS Children’s Village always takes part in relief work when needed. On 25th May a big cyclone ‘Aila’ blew with heavy shower through our state especially in sea cost and forest area. Village Director and other co-worker went to affected area and stayed for few days to distribute food, clothe and medicine to the victim people.    

Family Strengthening programme

SOS Children’s Village Kolkata is running Family Strengthening Programme. We are supporting 203 families for education of their children. This year two boys have passed class X final examination and two boys have passed Higher Secondary Examination. We have also organized awareness programme on health, HIV/AIDS, child marriage, child abusing etc. We have also arranged training programme on self-reliance by generating income.

On behalf of our children, mothers and co-workers, we want to extend our gratitude to your sincere support and devotion to our children. It would be impossible to make these events come true and to make our children happier and brighter without your generosity.  We hope you will be with us in future also to support children to fulfill their dreams in all fields.

With best wishes and regards.

Dipak Sahoo

Village Director