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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Iloilo, Philippines

Sponsored child from Iloilo
Sponsored child from Iloilo

A child sponsorship report from Iloilo in the Philippines. Written in 2009.

Dear Friend,

The year 2009 has opened another phase for SOS Children’s Village Iloilo as it continues to tailor developmental opportunities to our 131 children and youths.   It is indeed a fruitful start for the whole family with activities laid out the first half of the year. Focus was more prioritize on developmental activities to address the well-being of our children. Allow us to inform you on how it unfolded.

It started with an activity for the youth to let them understand their full development as they are in the crucial stage of adolescence.  They had a forum last January 9 on Human Sexuality, Gender Role and Gender Sensitivity both for the youth boys and girls.  Child Psychologists discussed how communication with their SOS family helps in the different phases they are experiencing as they grow up. Selected children and mothers on the other hand, attended a spiritual healing to strengthen relationships and nourish love for each other. Moreover, the children enjoyed the visits of different educational institutions and friends. The children were treated with simple gifts and in turn, they presented a short musical program. These opportunities provide our children a time for socialization and create importance to what the organization provides for them.

Graduation season in March comes after struggling with the challenges of education for the SOS children who finish their elementary and high school this year.  It was a busy month for our children accomplishing all school requirements to comply before the school year ends. Luckily, they all passed their requirements and some received special and academic recognitions for their efforts. More than 20 children graduated in Elementary and High School levels, five of which got honors.

The months of April and May always brought a lot of excitement and fun to each member of the SOS Family. Celebrating summer was made more fun with Summer Workshops, Camps and Skills Training made available for youth and children. These fun and excitement was highlighted  by the yearly summer celebration of the Village Sports Festival with this year’s theme “Helping Children & Youth Cultivate their Talents, Teamwork & Sportsmanship towards, more Fragrant Life”  having four teams. The event was enthusiastically and enjoyably participated by each team participated by Co-Workers, Mothers and all children. The support and encouragement of each member in every team was overwhelming giving strength to each contestant in playing their games.

By the second week of June, the children were back to school to enjoy their right of education. Mostly were very excited, knowing that they’ll be seeing their classmates again and enjoy school life.

In behalf of the whole SOS Iloilo family, our sincerest gratitude for your continuing support! We also wish that every child under our care will always be blessed with humility and grateful heart to all the people who made a better place for them – just like what you did for our SOS family!

With warm wishes and best regards,

Renie Masongsong

Village Director