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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Hojai, India

Sponsored children from Hojai
Sponsored children from Hojai

A child sponsorship report from Hojai in India. Written in 2009.

Dear Sponsor,

At the outset we would like to thank you for your noble support in favor of our work. Best Greetings from SOS Children’s Village, Hojai.

It is with great happiness and pride; we share with you about the most recent development of our SOS Children’s Village, Hojai. With your valuable support we have been able to achieve great result and success in our work with the children.

Village Status

Presently we have 211 children comprising of 102 boys and 109 girls in the 20 family homes in our village.  All the mothers and children are in good health and mind.

This year, 32 have started going to formal school. Six kids have started going to Village SOS Nursery.  In the last academic session 87% (up to class X) children were passed with good marks and promoted to the next higher classes.  In our village only 2 babies are at home, the youngest baby of the village is three years old.

Our Children are obtaining schooling in thirteen different schools of the town and in different residential schools across the state. Many strategies are planned for the development related to the children.  Due to pro-active role of the Mothers and co-workers, we got a successful result in class 10th and 12th  examination. In the Class X Board Examination conducted by Assam Board of Secondary education has declared and our Children appeared in the said examination shows 100% success. Out of 8 Children, 1 got First, 2 got Second and 5 got Third Division respectively. In the Class XII Assam Board Examination 2009, two children have passed successfully and got First Division with 65% marks each. All these young adults have been admitted in their areas of interests.

Youth Status

Within two Youth Facilities, total 54 children are residing. Out of 54 youth, 35 are studying in school, 04 youth are attending university, 11are attending Vocational courses, 04 youth are undergoing apprenticeship. In Girls Facility, total 18 girls are residing. All they are pursuing their higher education and vocational courses. Besides academic we have many sports talent in Youth Facilities. Children always participate in their school sports competition and won prizes.

A Self Evaluation for Youth on Youth Day  was organized on 28th May 2009. This was a day long program held where all the youth leaders and youth’s participated with great enthusiasm.

Three youths settled during the month of April with their jobs. One among them is an   Electrical Engineer and working with Airtel company in Tripura.


Apart from education, Children like to play football, cricket and some traditional games. Younger children like to swing in the village park. Our Children participates in different activities like drawing and quiz competitions and different cultural activities organized in and outside the Village.

Drawing and quiz competitions are organized on 22nd March at the Village in presence of around 70 Children as instructions from the “Coca-Cola India” on the Occasion of ‘World Water Day’. The Village organized 7 days long “Yoga camp” from 18th to 24th March for the Children, Mothers, Aunts, Co-workers and Staff with the help of Patanjali Yoga Samiti, Hojai, organized by the Yoga Guru Ram Dev. 

A day long Workshop was organized on the occasion of in our Village on Sishu Panchayat in collaboration with Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti & Sikhar, where 30 Children’s participated from different Schools. The motto of the Workshop was to create awareness about Sishu Panchayat and to inculcate Gandhian Values among the Children’s.

As every year we have celebrated all civic and traditional festivals of the region like Holi, Idd, Diwali and Bihu of Assam. Mothers Day has been celebrated in the children’s village with festive atmosphere. Children greeted their mothers on the occasion.

A Painting Competition was organized among the Youth on 14th April 2009. The four principles of our organization was the subject of the Paintings. All the Youth participated with great interest.


Children’s health is an important glimpse for us. So, we organize regular health check-up for the Children in the Village. Almost all the Children and Mothers are enjoying sound health.

Family Strengthening Program

Through our FSP program we try to address the situation of Children who are at the risk of loosing parental care in our neighboring community by providing basic necessities for development such as education, nutrition, health etc. to the Children. We reach out to 283 Children from 91 most vulnerable families (members of two SHG) are becoming skilled in making jute bags, which have high demands in our local markets. Moreover few families are engaged in lively-hood activities like cutting, tailoring, vendor, pop- rice making, goat farming, food processing etc. Under FSP one Self Help Group named KIRAN has formed, which is under-going training on weaving.

For the overall development of the Village, the team of Co-workers and Mothers join in hands and with a clear vision and mission for the Children.

Dear Friend, we are very happy with your friendship with SOS Children’s Village, Hojai. The Mothers, Children, and Co-workers join me in thanking you for your continuous support.

With Best Wishes and Regards

Yours Sincerely,
 (S.H. Siddiqui)
Village Director