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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Chaimavida, Chile

Sponsored children from Chaimavida
Sponsored children from Chaimavida

A child sponsorship report from Chaimavida in Chile. Written in 2009.

Dear Sponsors:

It is the moment, once again, to let you know about different events occurred during the first semester of 2009 in the SOS Children’s Village Chaimávida.

Today, there are 93 children and youngsters in our village distributed in 11 comfortable family houses. During these first months, five children have been admitted and four have returned to live with their biological families because their situation has improved.

We consider that part of our task is helping families in need to resolve their problems. In seven centres belonging to SOS Children’s Villages Chile, we work actively with children and their families, especially with their mothers who participate in diverse workshops and occupation trainings allowing them later to improve their economic situation. At the same time, it means also a direct benefit for children. One of these programmes is working in the near town of Concepción. In its Kindergarten they support more than 300 children, aged from 1 until 5 years. The co-workers help their parents to get a financial support from government, and they also offer workshops where parents can learn how to manage difficulties in a constructive way. We do all this because our most important goal is the prevention of child abandonment.

During January and February, families enjoyed summer holidays, visiting this year places like Pinto, a locality near Termas de Chillán (Chillán Springs), which has a beautiful view of the snowy Chillán volcano. Other place they visited is called Cobquecura, locality at the coast, about one hour and a half from the village. They could make long walks along the beach and visit a Sea Wolves zone which is a National Reserve.

In April, we suffered a tragedy: a big fire consumed totally a house and left severe damages in other two ones. The shock for community was huge, especially for children who were having dinner at that moment. Suddenly, they had to flee away leaving their belongings and watching how the fire consumed their toys, books, clothes and memories. While the little ones cried, the big ones ran to rescue some of their belongings until they had to give up. Around 2 am, firemen left the village with the feeling to have done their best and to have avoided fatal consequences. The fire was provoked by an electrical failure.

SOS family’s solidarity was immediately present in this difficult moment. We received help from the nearest SOS villages in Concepción and Bulnes, as well as donations from children, youngsters and coworkers from the others villages in the country. We also received donations from government authorities and from community schools. Because of this tragedy two families had to move to Concepción, where we rented houses for them.

This year and due to the financial crisis, we can not to make big investments or purchases in the village. We are managing resources; you generously place to our disposal for our children’s well-being, in the best rational and careful possible way. We are glad to still count on your support and sincerely appreciate it on behalf of all our children.


Raúl Céspedes
SOS Children’s Village Chaimávida