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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Bhuj, India

Sponsored children from Bhuj
Sponsored children from Bhuj

A child sponsorship report from Bhuj in India. Written in 2009.

Dear Sponsor,

Warm summertime greetings from all children, mothers and coworkers of SOS Children’s Village – Bhuj. Before we begin we would like to thank you for your invaluable and continuous support which helps us to provide better environment. We feel immensely proud to inform you about the recent developments which have taken place inthe village in these six months.

Village Strength:

Presently we have a family of 127 children living in the Village in their family houses which consists of 49 girls and 78 boys. We brought home 6 children since January 09. They all have adjusted well in the new family environment.  You will be happy to know that 11 children including 6 boys and 5 girls are attending nursery. 111 children are attending different day schools. This year the academic performance of the children has been more than expectations and the overall passing percentage has been 88% of which 48% children scored marks above 60%. Special attention is being given to the children to help them improve their overall acamedic performance.

Youth House: -

At present the youth house is the residence of 25 boys of the village who are going to getting education from different schools. After that they are planning to pursue higher education or join vocational training, according to their interests and capability. One of the Youth passed 10th Standard with 60% marks in Board Examinations. Overall performance of youth in academics was satisfactory.  The Youth Day (Birthday of Swami Vivekananda) was celebrated on 12th January 2009 with great enthusiasm and active participation by the youths of SOS Youth House – Bhuj with support from Axis Bank - Madhapar.  Youth of Shivanand Ashram – Bhuj were invited on the occasion. Sports events and Quiz show was also organized for the youth of Shivanand Ashram and Youth of SOS Children's Village Bhuj. Stress was given on his powerful sayings like “Arise, Awake and stop not till the goal is achieved”. Swamiji’s thinking that the Future of the country is in the hands of the youth and these youths have to prepare themselves for taking the country forward thus serving the country in a positive way. Three Youths were admitted in Shree Green Farm Residential English Medium School, at Rajkot for further studies. First the Entrance test was attended by the youths who passed the test with flying colors. The admission process was completed and now during the new academic session the youth would shift to their new school which has residential facilities also.

Education: -

This year the academic performance of the children was very good. Most of the children cleared their final examinations and were promoted to next class. For the children whose performance had been below the expectations, Tuitions were provided to them regularly so that they can perform better in their next academic session. Continuous attention is being given on their studies to increase their performance. Mothers also are spending quality time with the children during study hours to motivate them to perform better.

Cultural Activites: -

Festival of colors, Holi, (A Festival where all people smear different types of colour on each other and play with water and colours),  was celebrated in the village by drenching each other with colors. Makar Sankranti, festival of kite flying was celebrated with much enthusiasm and passion.In addition to these New Year, Republic Day etc were also celebrated. 

Village Activities: -

Summer Activities were conducted in the village during vacation period. Children were taken to nearby pond for swimming, pleasure trip to Mandvi where the children played on the beach for hours on end. In the morning hours the children of the senior club were routinely taken to the nearby village for jogging and exercise.

A “Sarva Dharm Sambhav Prayer “was organized in the village campus. The heads of all four religions were invited for this prayer. The programme was organized with a view to create awareness among the children about the different religions existing in the society. The guests explained in detail the different aspects of the religion and how religion would help to improve the personality and inner belief of the children. The session was very interactive and the children also shared their views on the different religions. The children learnt that respect all religions and that these religions are necessary for a child to develop into a Human Being.

Children along with the mothers and lady coworker visited “Parle Biscuit Factory” They were shown a cartoon film showing information on Parle Company and manufacturing of biscuits. Later they were taken to the production unit and were explained in detail about the various stages of production of chocolates & biscuits. They were also shown the packing of these products. In addition to this children were also taken to Factories like Anchor, IFFCO etc.

Many other important days like International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, World Environment day was also celebrated with active participation by the children, mothers and coworkers of the village. Dawing competition, Quiz Competition and Painting competition was organized for the children so that they can put their ideas on the canvas and thus are able to contribute to create awareness on important issues like Globl Warming, Best from Waste, Importance of climate and how to save the climate from getting polluted. The children freely presented their ideas and suggestions.

Some 40 children comprising of both senior and junior club were taken to see the Great Golden Cirus which had come in the nearby town of Bhuj. The children were very happy to see different kinds of animals. They were surprised to see how the animals performed different acts and laughed a lot when the clowns made different faces. They also visited the neaby garden and spent quality time there. The children were very happy to see the circus and discussed it with their friends in the school. The children enjoyed the day to their fullest.

Sports day was celebrated on 7th and 8th June where almost all children, mothers and coworkers participated with full enthusiasm. Many events like 2KM Race, 200 Meters, Long Jump, Shot put, High Jump, Discuss Throw, 100 Meters Race, Relay Race, Frog Jump, 50 Meters Race, Lemon Spoon Race etc were conducted for different groups of children.

SOS Social & Medical Centre:  -

SOS Social Centre, which conducts Family Strengthening Program, supports 239 families with a package of Services and it helps 763 children. Through its outreach program, the centre caters to the educational and nutrition needs of 192 children. In addition to this, 20 women are being provided with skill oriented training program for self reliance. Already 75 women underwent this course till now.    

SOS Medical Centre attends to the health issues of our children and also to the needs of the neighboring communities. 

Learning Centre Computer Lab:-

A Learning Centre is being constructed in the village premises which has been sponsored by LIC of India, this center iis the house to a new Library with boosk on various subjects. A Music Class where the hcildren would learn the basics of Classical as well as Western Music and A Computer Lab where children will study computer courses in three batches in the village Computer Lab, a Music Teacher and Computer Instructor has been appointed and classes are undertaken for the children to hone their skills in computers & Music

All this has been made possible due to love, support, and thoughtful concern of friends like you. SOS Children’s Villages are running successfully all over the world because of well-wishers like you.

With best wishes and warm regards I remain
Yours sincerely
(K. S. Dubey)
Village Director