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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Tianjin, China

Child sponsorship TianjinDear Sponsors, Dear friends,

Thanks to your generous help, all of the SOS children are very happy to live with their SOS mothers and sisters and brothers.

By the end of June, there are altogether 133 children living in the village. Among them, 99 children live in families and 34 children in Youth House. There are 12 youths who has left the village and are independent.

Our village has organized various educational activities by the theme of “Science Development, Accord Development” this year. First of all, we held a course for all the kids to make them know the mission and idea of the SOS Children’s Village, to see the original intention and experiences of SOS Children’s Village. Meanwhile, the village held a lecture on Child Protection, including the knowledge of Convention on the Rights of the Child and Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of Minors, which helps to let children know their legitimate rights and interests. From the video, it also introduced the content and form of abuse, which warns the kids to set up awareness of self- protection and initiatively take precautions against the abuse. Our teachers also taught the methods of self-protection.

Besides, we take advantage of the holiday to held activities, such as legal and safety education, arts skills classes and mental health education. During winter holiday we organized children to take part in the social laboring works for Public Benefit and to make Christmas cards for sponsors. For example, when approaching to Spring Festival, teachers organized children to do some cleanings for community seniors, and to clear away the small ads from the shop window and garbage from both sides of the road. It’s a good social practice from which our kids not only made the environment clean but also helped those who need help, and they also gained happiness from helping others. SOS Children’s Village’s development can not leave the care and help from sponsors, so we make Christmas cards for them every year, which is a good way to express our blessings and thankfulness. Therefore, the kids choose Chinese Zodiac as the main design of the cards. Every year there is different animal which represents the Chinese year of the animal. So the kids sculpture the animals and put them on the cards. It’s a good way to make sponsors know more about Chinese culture.

Furthermore, the village holds Being Adult Ceremony for children above 16 years old, from which the village makes them know the challenges and overcome them when they meet the challenges. Meanwhile, youths from Youth House took part-time jobs in the winter holiday, for example, some of them took the jobs as waiters at snack bar. Although the salaries were low, they gained the experiences from working and knew how to communicate with others. Finally they got the payment from their own hard work, they felt proud and happy.

With the support of Amway Company, we took all the kids to Bejing Olympic Stadiums for sightseeing. They visited Bird’s Nest and Water Cube. From visiting, they felt the advancement of science and experienced spirit of Olympics.
In this May, our village both held the National Assistant Village Director’s Training course and the National SOS mother’s 39th Training course. There were about 50 assistant directors and SOS mothers from 10 SOS villages attended the trainings. During the International Children’s Day, the village held our kids to watch the children’s play, “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf”, and also bought holiday food for them to celebrate it.   


Wang Zhenlin

Village Director of SOS Children’s Village of Tianjin, China