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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Thanh Hoa, Vietnam

Sponsored children from Thanh Hoa
Sponsored children from Thanh Hoa

A child sponsorship report from Thanh Hoa in Vietnam. Written in 2009.

Dear Sponsors,

The year 2009 with so many major changes and important events is going to end. We are eager to welcome a new year with lot of bright hopes. And it is time for us to send you, our benefactor the best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and full of good health and success!

The village now has the population of 139 (71 girls and 68 boys) distributed evenly into 14 family houses. Over six months since last June, one girl and two boys have been admitted and integrated into our village. All children are developing well in all aspects, they show their steadily physical and mental development, they are healthy and well-being.

After four years living under a common roof, motherhood and brotherhood are deeply felt by mothers and children. Mothers are pouring her love and responsibility to bring children the best affection. Children are learning and self-improving to become the good and obedient students at school as well at home. Inside each small roof, children help and support each other in study and others. Children willingly share happiness and sadness... Happiness and peace can be seen through their cheerful smiles and clearer eyes on their naive faces, the fresh laughter of children is resounded from all corners of the Village. The life is really revived in a cozy roof.

Boys’ club and girl’s club were divided from the former teenagers’ club. They are masterminded by a male educator and a female educator, respectively. After one year of running, the clubs have been proving their effectiveness. They are useful playing fields for teenagers, children come there to discuss about practical and emergent topics. Many children feel confident to express their worries in study, in friendship’s relation and even in mentality changes. With the common spirit that we are siblings at the same time of being dear friends, the clubs have untied complicated wonders. Thanks to the clubs, many children overcome difficulty to correct their mistake and gain remarkable result in study.

Like children all over the world, most children at the SOS village are very active, playful and mischievous. Some are headstrong and even unbalanced. Many of them come from complicated circumstances. Bad memories imprinted on their mind. It is not easy to help them to forget the unhappy past and to correct their bad habits. However, with the great patience, love and affection for children, we were successful. The bad conduct cases in the village have decreased day by day. It is so happy to see children in the same SOS family and the SOS village community love and help each others.

The village atmosphere gets more and more lively and jubilant with laughter and amusement of young children everywhere. After school hours, the village yard becomes the most wonderful playground for small children. Here and there, children play different traditional games like hide and seek, skipping, sliding, swinging or popular sports like football, badminton. What an exciting and jovial image! Especially, at weekends the amusement and joining actively in extra-curricular activities at the village yard creates an air of joy and comfort at the village. Not only at the village yard but also in every family houses, we can feel the sharing, supporting and love between mother and children, between sisters and brothers…

Every autumn comes, children of Village are excited to take part in ebullient activities for the Mid-autumn festival. This year, not only children but also all co-workers are asked to take part in singing and dress party and art performance. The festival was very successful and we call it the festival of colors;  the colors of numerous lanterns, the colors of children’s dresses in lion dances, the colors of tens of big feasts from fruits and flowers...All of them are lightened by the brilliant moon. All children are felt themselves glittering in the festival and it was an unforgettable memory for them.

In the end of September, Ketsana typhoon slammed into the central Vietnam killing 31people in flood and landslides  and causing 170,000 to flee their home. With the traditional spirit ‘loving your neighbour as yourself, SOS Children’s Village Thanhhoa choosed the last October as the action month for helping the typhoon’s victims. All co-workers of village offered their one day - working salary for the community aid fund. All children were asked to collect their clothes, books and pens...to help school kids in disaster. The support is not only our magnanimous deep but it also brings children a meaningful lesson about mutual love among people with people.

We hope this Newsletter  provided you  with some information about the SOS Children’s Village over the year 2009. Once again, on behalf of all the children, mothers and co-workers of SOS Children’s Village of Thanh Hoa, we would like send you and your family Season’s Greetings and all the best for a Happy New Year 2010!

Best regards,

Phan Văn Ẩm
SOS Children’s Village Thanh Hóa