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SOS Children's Villages began working in Guatemala in 1976 following an earthquake which totally destroyed the Indian town of San Juan Sacatepéquez, 30 km from Guatemala City. Five wooden houses were built to provide homes for children who had been orphaned. Today, SOS Children's Villages has five Villages in the country … more about our charity work in Guatemala

Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from San Jeronimo, Guatemala

Sponsored child from San Jeronimo
Sponsored child from San Jeronimo

A child sponsorship report from San Jeronimo in Guatemala. Written in 2009.

Dear Friend:

It is a pleasure for me to send you greetings on behalf the children and youth of SOS Children´s Village San Jerónimo.

The activities in the village take always take place with joy. But it is important to mention that this year we have admitted four babies, all of them younger than 3 months of age, we are concerned due the abandonment situation of these babies but at the same time we feel pleased to know they will be able to grow safe in our village and the most important of all: with love and respect. We still have two youth facilities one for girls and one for boys; one of them started his process of independence and met with his biological family in the city of Guatemala, we will continue giving him advice and support until he is able to integrate to his new life and therefore have the satisfaction of reaching our goal.

In Guatemala the school year starts in January, which makes kind of difficult to forget the celebrations at the end of the year and think about a new year of work, challenges and expenses like school registrations, uniforms and school tools, nevertheless the children participate with enthusiasm and keep a good performance in school thanks to the support they receive every day from their SOS mothers and aunts. But not only the children prepare themselves academically, this year two aunts are about to finish their preparation to be accredited as “SOS Mothers”, this makes us very proud as we will have well trained personnel to take care of the children and give them a high quality service.

In February we celebrated a very special activity in the village, one girl of the youth facility turned fifteen years of age. This event is very important in our culture, it means some how that they walk away of childhood to start the path to become an adult. The excitement of  all girls at this age is to celebrate it with a religious service and a party in which their family and friends participate.  Thanks to some sponsors this day was possible and all SOS families in San Jerónimo joined the celebration.

As Easter here comes along with summer in our country, therefore different recreational activities were planned by the families, such as participating in religious events, but also going to the beach or pools, visits to the zoo, etc.

I would not say goodbye without thanking for the great support you keep providing, and hope that all you give to SOS Children´s Villages San Jerónimo in Guatemala, multiplies for you and your beloved ones.

Sincerely yours,

Byron Arriola Monasterio
Director de Programa
Aldea Infantil SOS San Jerónimo B.V.