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India is home to 1.2 billion people, yet one out of every three girls growing up here will not finish primary school, and 40% of its adults cannot read or write. You can give a child an education and a happy childhood by sponsoring a child in one of our 34 SOS Children's Villages in India. … more about our charity work in India

Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Rajpura, India

Sponsored children from Rajpura
Sponsored children from Rajpura

A child sponsorship report from Rajpura in India. Written in 2009.

Dear Sponsor,

Warm greeting from children, mothers & co-workers of SOS Children’s Village, Rajpura.

With a feeling of deep joy and pride we take the opportunity to inform you about the recent developments about the village held during last 6 months. We would like to thank you for your valuable and committed support you have been providing to our village.


As you know, SOS Rajpura consist of 14 family homes, Youth House, Nursery, Dispensary, a Basketball Ground, a Tailoring Center and Dell Learning Centre with Music Room, Library and  Computer Lab for the children. All these facilities are running well and properly utilized.

The Village SOS Nursery is vibrant with the laughter of 39 tiny tots, including 23 children from outside community. Ten Children who had completed their SOS Nursery were admitted to regular schools for formal schooling. We have maintained good sports infrastructure and children are getting full use of it to play various outdoor games like Cricket, Football, Volley-ball and Basket- ball.


Present strength of our village is 207, including 41 youth.  Out of 166 children staying in village, 2 babies are residing at home, 16 children are attending nursery, 131 are studying in different schools,

15 are attending Professional/vocational courses according to their caliber, one is attending university and one is under going apprenticeship. During last six months four new children were brought home for the permanent care and shelter. We are providing special care and attention so that they can adjust easily in the village environment.

This year children gave good performance in academics and the overall passing percentage was 95%. 


In youth house, 41 children are residing. Out of 41 youth, 26 are studying in school, two youths are attending college, nine youth are attending Vocational/Professional courses, four boys are undergoing job training. Out of six boys who cleared class X four have cleared polytechnic admission test and will get admission in three years diploma in Engineering exams. All of them are expected to join their course in August’09.


To groom up the overall development of our children & youth, several activities and programmes were organized during summer vacation.

Besides academics, children participated in various competitions, like drawing and painting, essay writing, Quiz, hand writing etc. On the occasion of “World Water Day”, Coca-Cola India organized painting & quiz competitions at all India level, so at SOS Children’s Village, Rajpura we organized it with the participation of 40 children. Children made beautiful paintings and gave genuine answers on the topics Water Cycle, Climate Change, Mother earth, Our universe etc and won prizes. Coca Cola India is also supporting the Village in Rain Water Harvesting .

Youth boys and some grown up children from the village went to Golf Range at Chandigarh. They were given exposure on this nonce of the game of Golf. It was a noble experience for children and they enjoyed the outing. Mother’s Day was celebrated in the village for honoring mothers for their noble work. Mothers went to Chandigarh for outing where they enjoyed lunch, sight see and a movie in cinema hall.
Yoga is a regular practice for children in the Village. Besides this monitoring of self study and tuition classes are going on in a routine manner.


Health is the most important factor of life so medical Checkup and awareness Camps of general health organized in the village for children and mothers regularly. 


You know well, that the unprivileged mothers who are staying in the community and unable to nurture their children are been supported through Family Strengthening Programme by SOS. So at present 118 needy families with 288 children from the near by areas are being supported under this programme.

We are providing direct money support to these families for education, health and hygiene of their children.  Part-time tuition centers in respective communities have been started to assist FSP children in their studies. For young FSP girls, we run vocational training programme in which they learn tailoring/embroidery and painting skills. Six children are doing vocational/professional courses in different institutions and some are working after completion of their respective courses. FSP beneficiaries have been encouraged to become members of Self Help Groups and we formed six these groups and we are trying for their bank linkage. We have covered FSP children for MMR and Hepatitis B vaccination through Max Foundation and Greater Rotary Club Rajpura. Apart from this various programmes/seminars were organized  for capacity building of FSP caregivers and children like Child rights, Health and hygiene, parenting skills, career guidance, vocational trainings etc during the year.

Thanking you for letting us continue the proper functioning of the facilities provided in the village and various activities through your noble support. Once again on behalf of children, mothers and co-workers thank you for your kind support.

With regards and best wishes,

Yours sincerely,

Rakesh Sinha
Village Director