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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Sponsored child from Phnom Penh
Sponsored child from Phnom Penh

A child sponsorship report from Phnom Penh in Cambodia. Written in 2009.

Dear friends,

May we also take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks for your great kind support and encouragement. We would like to inform you about the ongoing activities of SOS Children's Village Phnom Penh.

SOS Children's Village Phnom Penh has been developing from day to day. At present there are 127 children in the care of the village in 12 family homes of whom 59 are boys and 68 are girls and 57 boys are outside in the youth house. 13 children are studying at nursery, 54 children in Primary School, 95 children in Secondary school, 8 children are in the University; 12 children are undergoing Vocational Training Center. 3 children who reached the youngster ages are moved to youth facility and another 2 children are preschooler. Health issue becomes very important for children that draw our attention to need for diseases prevention immunization (Hepatitis B, Measles, small pox, mump, polio Etc) duly completed during this year.

The educational performances of the children in academic year 2009-2010 are 18 have joined Higher Secondary School, Six children have passed high school exam that have joined college 1 Major in Management, 1 in Economics, 1 in Rural development, 1 Finance and banking and 2 in Pharmacy. Moreover, 2 youngsters who awarded scholarship in university last year help to teach his brothers and other youths in youth house such as mathematics, Physic, chemistry and computer. For the highlight of SOS football club, 5 boys are selected as national team member by national committed of Cambodian football federation to have a tournament match at Vietnam, 1 girls is also selected as national team member to have a friendly tournament match at Lao. From the 74 children who have performed with Karate class, 42 were upgraded from the blue to brown belts, and 32 students upgraded from white to yellow belts. The major event of 60 th SOS anniversary were celebrated with a lot of joy and happiness in the  meantime the children performance the traditional dancing, Karate-Do and football shows and made all participants enjoyable and admirable. During 2009 all the children have enjoyed holiday activities. We celebrated the holidays in different way one thing that we have made constant is to reward the children who have excelled them selves at school scoring high marks in their studies . To celebrate this achievement we have this year decided to organize a trip to the different tourist places in Siem Reap district and other trip to Tamao Mountain (Zoo) for family houses.

Your kind help enables us to perform excellent work. Therefore on behalf of all Co-workers, mothers and children, we would like to extend our warm thank and best wishes for a MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Chea Phon

Deputy National Director.
SOS Children’s Villages Cambodia