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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Nha Trang, Vietnam

Sponsored child from Nha Trang
Sponsored child from Nha Trang

A child sponsorship report from Nha Trang in Vietnam. Written in 2009.

Dear Sponsors,

Although the hard year 2009 has been influenced by the prolonged economic crisis, the feeling of happiness and peace always exist when we welcome the season of Christmas. This spirit inspires us to convey our heartfelt  gratitude to you for your support and keep you informed of the events and developments of SOS Children’s Villages Nha Trang over the year.


Our village will celebrated the anniversary of tenth year operation. This marked the second stage of development with some certain success which is proved by our first oldest children: 2 children grown up, completed their professional courses and left the village for self-reliant life and 5 children entered the colleges and university. As plan, more children were admitted to fill the empty places in the family houses. This year, we admitted 05 children. At the first day of coming to the village, they look sickly, fearful and even mal-nutrient, but now, they have quickly grown and been seen deeply attached to SOS Mother, brothers and sisters. All the children have got on very well with the new life in SOS families.

Up to now, SOS children village’s Nhatrang has been a cozy roof for orphans, abandoned and destitute children of Khanhhoa and surrounding areas. Now, we are caring and managing 127 in 14 family-houses and the youth House (for boys from 15 upwards).   

Academic Performance

The school year 2008-2009 finished in the end of May with encouraging achievements. Once again, 100% children passed the entrance examination to public university and colleges. 01 girl was granted Hermann Gmeiner Scholarship which was just for students of Hermann Gmeiner schools but not living in SOS villages excepting absolutely excellent students, 05 excellent students honorably received Odon Vallet scholarships at Dalat and 02 good students got the scholarship of sponsoring children Fund of Khanhhoa Province.

Since the beginning of September, our children have commenced their school year 2009-2010. In the school year, there are 2 tiny tots attending at SOS Nursery. 112 of them are studying at the SOS School and other high schools in the neighborhood. 06 children is getting higher education at the university and colleges.  02 children are taking the vocational school and 03 is learning a trade. At the moment, none of the children gets the concluding result as most of the children are taking part in the mid-term exams. Normally, one child must have two main exams in a semester- the mid one and the final one.

The corps of village staff, teachers, mothers and aunts have always focused on the academic performance. The children have been provided with good conditions to maximize their ability. The need of students’ reference was met by village library which was added yearly with good books and computers accessed internet. In addition, some of families had a good studying atmosphere, comfortable but effective, where the children were very self-conscious and hard-working and old brothers and sisters helped their younger ones to do homework or children in same class level learned in groups. Especially, all their efforts have been amply rewarded. Every week, the children who have most remarkable improvement are commended in front of the whole of the village. Studying environment was stimulated by regular emulation movements on special occasions.

The warmest place is where has the compassion

In this Newsletter, we would like to tell you a story about a girl in our village. She came to the village when she was a six-year girl who thirsted for going to school. At the first time, the girl thought SOS Children’s Village Nha Trang was a cold place that gave her a chilly feeling among strangers. What a fearful feeling! Strangely, looking at the woman she would call  ‘SOS mother’ smiling at her, she was so filled with happy moments instead of the cold that she could not say by words.  She remembered the earliest feeling when she first met her SOS mother. She had something on her face that was very beautiful. At that time, she really didn’t know what it was. But at the bottom of her heart,she felt that exactly.

One of the mother’s special things is that her silent sacrifice. Sometimes, the girl think that the mother lights a miraculous torch for her road life by the true love of a real mother. 

The mother taught the girl a lot of good things. Her words were so profound and convinced. The girl wants to tell her mother everything and to share her most secret confidences with the mother. In daily life, she often meets troubles and the mother helps me solve all matters. More than that, the mother is a torch to guide the in the road to prefect her personality.

Since the day the girl has had her as a mother, she is not lonely anymore. The girl is not afraid of getting lost and failure on her own way to have a better future. The girl knows that she will never repay the mother’s sacrifices to her and her other siblings but she is always sure that she will love her mother forever and will be on her side ever after.

Aptitude clubs

Athletics village group is more and more developing and is the proud of the village. Up to now, they collected a lot of medals from yearly city- runs. And in the competition this year, they got the highest prize – the first rank for the whole of the team. This was the deserved award for hard-working short training of the club members before the competition. The village football club was less successful than the athletics’ but more professional in a way. The village football club’s activities were maintained during the year. They regularly got football practice three times a week with a couch. Besides, they took advantage of chances to compete in football tournaments with other children football teams inside and outside the Khanhhoa Province to improve their skill. Yearly, they took part in football tournaments such as the prize for difficult children at Hochiminh City, another for teenager team in the local organized by Center of Sport and the football tournament football of SOS Children’s Villages of Vietnam.  

The village youth club membership has been increasing this year. This is a play ground for youths meeting to share their interest. Also, here, educators helped them to develop their skills in behaviors and their personal role among the community. In this spirit, the committee of the club has planned for their activities in the year for following. Moreover, the club was encouraged to organize the activities for the younger. And one of the big-size activities that they have done was Puzzle Competition for the students below the seventh form. That was really their success.

Traditional Education Activities

These activities on special occasions in the year were organized regularly. They met the traditional education of the village. The highlight is the tenth anniversary of opening day of the village which will happen in the end of the year 2009. This is the important event of the village and this is the moment we should look back our advantages as well as disadvantages and make a plan for the next stage. From the middle of the year, we had a preparation for this activity. A journal on which feelings, thinkings, experiences, concerns and hopes were recorded in ten years’ period of SOS mothers, aunts, co-workers and children is published for internal circulation only. For months, kids from each family houses were making products that will be displayed in this occasion. That will be a happy and memorable day for all of us.

Cultural and Sport Activities

With the aim of raising the initiative of SOS mothers in their families, activities hold in family groups or just in each. Mothers had plans to organize weekend meetings on topics that she knew they were concerned by her children. Each family constantly went out for a trip on special occasions. Sometimes, they went to famous places and spent all day for relaxing and sightseeing. But sometimes, outdoor activities were just some hours that all of the family members spent to gather on the beach near home and talked everything to each other or to go to the market and enjoys dishes at roadside snack-bars specifically at Vietnam. Thanks to family activities, the relationship between mother and children, among brothers and sisters in the family were strengthened.

Entertainment activities for children done by families helped the village to pay much attention to organize activities following each age and gender and specializing in social skills. Weekly, on Saturday night, we regularly held meetings into groups in charge of educators. They guided the children to discuss solution for problems they meet in day life and built their plans in the future suitable with their hobbies and abilities.

We are maintaining to organize activities on big festivals in the year 2009. First, the Women’s Days on March 8th and October 20th  happened with a series of activities at the village reserved for female members. Mother Club have a city tour and to have dinner. On these annual occasions, mothers opened their hearts to others, shared their feelings and experiences in their career as an SOS mother.

Similarly, female co-workers and kindergarten nurses gathered at a nice place to talk and had a dinner with each other. That was a wonderful chance for us to relax and have a stronger attachment with the SOS Organization. For girls, a meeting was held. There, they were divided into groups to discuss and to speak communicative skills or the way of behaviors and problems they meet at the teenager period. The meeting ended with a karaoke performance carried out by themselves. They loved this kind of singing like that so much and they were so much fun. Other activities were also hold with the aim of relaxing and enhancing the close relationship among village members like Tet traditional festival, Sport Festival, Moon Festival and a camping trip at Doc Lech beach for the whole of the village.

Children are always very enthusiastic to take part in almost big competitions and exchange activities which were organized by Khanhhoa Province and won a lot of high prizes. At the first telling story by English competition  of Provincial library, three of them were awarded one third prize and two consolation prizes. And the second rank was given to the village group in the competition ‘Children and their rights’ broadcasted by the local television. Next, 10 well-behaved children joined the camping trip for difficult children and other excellent children had a trip to SOS Children’s Village Danang and Dalat.

SOS Nursery

The SOS Nurseries attracted a great number of neighbouring children. Generally speaking, the operation of the SOS Nursery this school year is rather good. The school have implemented the curriculum stipulated by the education and training sector with due emphasis on care and nutrition. The nutrition regimen has been put regular control. Therefore the health of all the children is good and their parents highly appreciate the school. It has made tremendous effort to gain the title ‘excellent nursery’.

One of the salient achievements that the school got in the passing year was the first prize in the performance variety festival for the pre-school education of Khanhhoa Province. Yearly, the school is given the opportunities to get involved in the contests with topics such as ‘quick-minded title girl and boy’, ‘healthy and well-behaved title girl and boy’, ‘little girl and boy getting acquainted with children’s literature’.

All the above-mentioned information is a summary of activities and development of the SOS Children’s Villages of Viet Nam during the year 2009. We, all the children, mothers and staff of SOS Children’s Village Nhatrang would like to take the opportunity to express our deep gratitude for all your attention and continued support. We wish you     

Yours sincerely,

Huỳnh Hữu Ngân


SOS Children’s Village Nha Trang