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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Nelspruit, South Africa

Sponsored child from Nelspruit
Sponsored child from Nelspruit

A child sponsorship report from Nelspruit in South Africa. Written in 2009.

Dear sponsor,

SOS Children's Village, Nelspruit is delighted to have you as a sponsor- thank you. In our village we aim to provide our eighty three children with the best childcare service at all times and would like to take this opportunity to share with you our recent achievements.

Throughout the year, the excitement and enthusiasm levels have been building in our village for a number of organized events and our involvement in these major events reflects the organization's commitment to the holistic development of the children in our care.

We have always advocated for making Education Enterprise Everybody's Business and our view is -if we can rally together,we can bring about change in the child's life.

Eight children under six years are in the SOS Nursery, sixty one are in various primary schools and six are at boarding schools.  Eight of the children with learning difficulties are attending the nearby Kamagugu Inclusive Primary School.

It is extremely encouraging to see our pupils achieving an eighty three percent pass rate during their mid-year examination.  A very special thank you to the SOS Mothers, and homework volunteers for their support and encouragement with homework, assignments and study techniques.

Two of our youngsters Agreeneth and Phola are making excellent academic progress. It is for this reason that both were selected to write an aptitude test with a view of securing themselves scholarships to study at our SOS International College in Ghana next year.

Unfortunately Phola was unsuccessful in her application; she is determined to work harder to achieve greater success next time. Although Agreeneth has been successful in her application, she needs to improve her performance in Mathematics and Science. A tutor has been appointed to prepare her in both subjects.We wish to extend our congratulations to her.

A loving home for every child

Many of our children are still receiving help with their school work from devoted volunteers and from the Kip McGrath Education centre- with extra tuition and lessons on Saturdays. Students on vacation from the United Kingdom have also offered their services to assist the 10 SOS family houses with homework, projects and assignments after school.

Business personalities, socialites, the who's who in politics and the ordinary community members flocked to the village to honor the 91 birthday of the former president and of the country and international icon, Mr Nelson Rholihlanhla Mandela. Their involvement during the week of the 18 of July 2009 was to offer voluntary services on clean-up campaigns, planting of trees and seedlings around the ten SOS family houses, handing over of blankets and spoiling the children with delicious slices of Madiba's birthday cake.

The national football team took to the world stage from the 14 to the 28 of June 2009 in the FIFA Confederations Cup, together with top teams of the world. Two soccerites from our village, Mandla and Andrea participated in this event as they were chosen as ball crew boys during the official opening ceremony game between our national team, Bafana Bafana and Iraq.

A very courageous group braved the chilly Thursday, 24 of September 2009 to participate in the SOS Nursery organized fun run. The hype around this day has been rekindled by the National Heritage events graced by our ward 17 councilor, The Honorable Ms Mavis Charles. Close to hundred runners of different ages entered the event, held at our local Kamagugu Stadium. Many of our youth received medals for their participation.

As the event coincided with the Heritage Day celebrations, boys and girls, brothers and sisters, parentsperformed traditional dances. Different race and ethnic groups gathered to showcase their attire, cuisine and culture. It was a heritage celebration with difference and the message was unity and peace. The day closed with a flashy parade by our drum majorettes. South Africans are in a very excited mood as all eyes are on us, hosting the FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup.

People want to be part of the process of building our country and making it better place for all. This is a moment that will bring change in many people's lives.  If you are in our country, please feel free to visit our village to meet the children and staff.  We are also developing a 2010World Cup Child Protection Plan to protect our children in any way possible, as our country welcomes thousands of international visitors. In order to keep our children very safe during this busy and exciting time, we will be careful about visitations and outings, and will be implementing these child protection policies.

Without your unwavering support SOS Children's Village in Nelspruit would not succeed in achieving our goals. Your valued contribution to our worthy course will forever resonate among the orphaned, abandoned and severely neglected.

On behalf of all our SOS Children, SOS Mothers and other childcare workers we would like to wish you and your family a Happy Christmas and Prosperous 2010.

Thank you!

Yours sincerely

Soka Matlala
Village Director