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SOS Children's Villages began working in Nicaragua in 1973 following the earthquake which destroyed the capital of Managua, building a community in Esteli in northwest Nicaragua about 150 km from the capital. There are now four communities, as well as numerous social welfare and educational projects which also benefit local communities. … more about our charity work in Nicaragua

Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Managua, Nicaragua

Sponsored child from Managua
Sponsored child from Managua

A child sponsorship report from Managua in Nicaragua. Written in 2009.

Dear friend,

Receive warmest greetings from all the villagers, SOS mothers, SOS aunts and co-workers of the SOS Children’s Village Managua.

We appreciate your valuable contribution and your solidarity, because with your support is possible for us to continue providing a home with abundance of love, which respect and defends children’s rights.

For our village is an honor share with you our achievements and anecdotes that happened this year. Nowadays we have 13 homes with 96 children also we have 4 SOS youth facilities with 32 young people. All of them are in school: 11 children are in Preschool, 67 are in Primary School and 18 are in Secondary School.

Also 5 teenagers are taking computing lessons, 1 boy is taking music lessons in the cultural center located near of the village and 3 children are taking catechism classes to make their Catholic first communion.

This year 8 girls and 2 boys celebrated their sweet fifteen birthday [As an American tradition, many girls have a sweet 16 party. It's often an enormous party with music, dancing and of course birthday presents. In Nicaragua customs, we have this party at the age of 15, and we call it Quinceañera.]. They felt happy because all the SOS family, biological family and friends were in the same places celebrating all together their birthday, sharing happiness.

October 23, the village, the Family Strengthening Programme SOS and others organizations did a march to celebrate in our country; 20 years of the convention of children’s rights; in this activity we had a purpose, continue with our commitment to defend and promote children’s rights.

This year our village was selected in the research of Approaching Capabilities with Children in Care. With our programmes and services we strive to enable children, youths and their families to live a life according to their own culture, as active and successful members of their community. Using the terminology of the Capability Approach, SOS Children’s Villages works to enable people to live a flourishing life they have reason to choose and value.

Also, the village has had some structural changes, for example, we have fixed our playground, the garden and some houses. The SOS families are committed with the environment and they are dedicating to reforest the garden.

Our young people and young leader were to the village of Leon to speak about their experience when they were living in the village and their new experiences living in the young facility. After that they visited tourist places of the city of Leon they were to the cathedral, Ortiz Gurdian foundation art gallery which is composed of two restored, colonial buildings. The first building shows pieces of art in a time path, beginning with artistic objects from the 16th century and ending with contemporary arts. In the second building you can find more exhibits of contemporary arts.

I want to thank you once again for all your unconditional support. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Best regards,

Felicia Lira


SOS Children’s Village Managua