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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Lhasa, China

Sponsored child from Lhasa
Sponsored child from Lhasa

A child sponsorship report from Lhasa in China. Written in 2009.

Dear Sponsors, dear friends,

It is already the end of the year; we would like to report our work to you as follows:

A.    SOS Children’s Village

This year, our village has enriched the staff’s vocational study. We have paid attention to the effect of the study. Every week, we give a topic to all the mothers and aunts and let them talk about their thought and opinions one by one. Through this way, there are more exchanges between mothers and mothers, mothers and aunts, mothers and the village. They could stand on a new starting point to inquire into actual mode of education. We’ve also held forums on vocational studies such as the title of “love post and write life green”. This forum has made all the staffs know the importance of promoting the development and harmonious atmosphere of the village. They have got to know that they should use their own ability, knowledge and work spirit to promote the development and harmonious atmosphere of the village. We have organized all the staffs further studied “the rule of attendance of SOS Children’s Village Lhasa, China “in order to let them fulfill the task of work and arouse their enthusiasm of work.

This year, we have sent 2 mothers to attend mother’s training course conducted by SOS Children’s Villages of China. We’ve also sent 2 mothers to attend the patriotism education training in Nan Chang. Through training, all the mothers have not only adjusted their pressure but also improved their knowledge and developed their work concept. For family management work, our village further strengthened the education work of children. The staffs go to the families initiatively to help the children with their studies and talk with them together with their mothers. We do this because we want to know the children’s psychological development and give them a guide and help in time.   

This year, we totally received 273 visitors from the United States 3 times. The visitors brought pencils, color pens and some stationery for our children. We have held various activities On Children’s Day, our village held an activity of singing red song and celebrate Children’s day. Our children sang a song of twinkle star to express their love to our country and their hometown. They are eager to be excellent and brave children. All the mothers and staffs also sang some red songs to express their love to our country. We’ve taken actively part in studying the “law of food safety” carefully and try to learn more knowledge of life and learn more methods of education in order to let our children grow healthily.

We spent two days to hold sports meet with the officers and soldiers from the nearby army camp.

The H1N1 flu is spreading in the world. Our village takes it seriously and works strictly to control this disease. We learn some knowledge of preventing the disease and following some requirements to do the controlling work. We have bought some Tibetan incense, sterilized medicine, thermometers and Tibetan medicine bags. We have also made good use of the village propaganda to do the publicizing work. Through different measures, we have strengthened all the children and staffs’ sense of self-protection. This has made them know the measure and procedure of disease controlling.   

B. SOS Nursery work

Under the direct leadership and care of the village, all the work in the village SOS Nursery is going smoothly. We have taken actively to control the H1N1 flu in the SOS Nursery. We take the children’s safety as the first in our work as always. With all the staff’s effort, there is no child who gets H1N1 flu in the SOS Nursery.

C. SOS Youth house

Up to now, all the work of the youth house is going smoothly. In order to let the youth to learn some knowledge and experience of work and let them know the hard of work, the director of the youth house sent some youths to work in a fast food restaurant and supermarket during their summer holiday. This year, some youths attended Lhasa Middle School Students Sports Meet, which was held in Lhasa City. They won 3 gold medals and 1 silver medal. One youth attended Tibet Middle School Students Sports Meet on behalf of Lhasa. He won a silver medal in 400- meter dash. One youth attended the National Middle School Students Sports Meet, which was held in Guang Dong on behalf of Tibet.    

Dear sponsors, thank you very much for your generous support to our village. Your sponsored child is fine and safe. Thanks a lot.

All the people from our village are looking forward to meeting you in future.

Best wishes and warm regards to you and your family,

Yours Sincerely,

Lamu Zhuoma

Village Director