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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Kfarhay, Lebanon

Sponsored children from Kfarhay
Sponsored children from Kfarhay

A child sponsorship report from Kfarhay in Lebanon. Written in 2009.

Dear sponsors,

It is once again with sincere joy and commitment that we take this opportunity to keep you updated with our educational and pedagogical work.  When you will be reading this report, our children at SOS Children’s Village – Kfarhay will be busy decorating the Christmas tree with home made handicrafts like stars and candles. 

At present we care for 61 children, 27 boys and 34 girls.  They live in 10 SOS Family Houses where their SOS mothers are doing their best to give them the daily care and to encourage them to overcome the difficult moments.   In August 2009, Mother Georgette finished her theoretical and practical training and she welcomed in the new reopened SOS house, a family of three siblings.  The children are greatly affected by their difficult early childhood and Mother Georgette is always present to give them the emotional and educational support they mostly need.   The eldest boy is going to a neighboring school and the two little ones are going to the SOS nursery but they are too hyper and have great difficulty to listen. 

Mother Nadira has welcomed 3 new children in her SOS family.   Among them, Hassan, 2 years,  is a cute little boy.   Mother Amal’s family was happy to welcome two siblings, Martha and Charbel, who are now well integrated in the SOS family.   Mother Hanane is now taking care of 7 children with the admisson of Labiba and her sister, Rawaa.  As for Richard and his brother Alexander, who have lost their father, they are receiving a special and loving care from their SOS Mother, Marie.  Moreover the SOS Children’s Village has grown bigger with the admission of a family of four siblings, two families of three siblings each and a family of two siblings.  In conclusion, 24 children have joined SOS Children’s Village – Kfarhay during the year 2009. 

9 children have joined their biological family among them one family of three children and a family of two children.  The 4 other ones are more than 14 years and expressed the wish to join their father instead of moving to the SOS youth homes.  Every child’s departure is decided by the SOS pedagogical committee after a thorough study of the biological family background and taking into consideration the child’s wish.  In most cases we continue to pay the educational fees and the SOS social worker visits the family regularly to do the necessary follow-up.  A goodbye party was organized for 3 young girls and 2 young boys who have joined the SOS Youth Houses. 

We always encourage SOS mothers to keep updated with modern life as all Lebanese women do.  In this perspective, under L’Oréal sustainable development program, and in partnership with L’Oréal- Lebanon, our SOS mothers were very enthusiastic to participate in one-day workshop. “A healthy skin is a source of pleasure” was the theme that has been developed by a well-known dermatologist and beauty care professionals.   With the ongoing changes in environment and our stressing lifestyle, trying to look good is getting more complex day by day.  SOS mothers were interested to find out more about their skin type and the daily skin care routine.  They also learned new tips to have a glowing skin.  SOS mothers that take care of teenagers were interested to ask specific questions about major skin problems during adolescence.   After the buffet, L’Oréal offered a gift for the attendants.  SOS mothers are looking forward to the next workshop on the latest innovation on cosmetics and make up.  

Moreover a joint project with L’Oreal has been launched on a long-term basis.  It consists of helping young women in the SOS social strengthening program  (FSP) that are interested in a beauty care career to follow an academic program that consists of a six-month training to develop a small business either in hairdressing or beauty care.   Moreover the trainees will do the practical part of their studies on related institute.   Once they finish their studies, the best students will be sure to find a job in the adequate network.  L’Oréal is willing to extend this offer to SOS Youths if they are interested.  

To help our children believe in the value and importance of education and to encourage them to be enthusiastic about learning and achieving academic success, the SOS Village Director organized a one-day meeting between our SOS children and their schoolmates.  The objectives are to get to know one another better and to share personal experiences on homework studies.   The students who were invited to the gathering are attending the complementary level – Grade I to Grade IV.   They are among the best students in class.   When they arrived to the village, they visited the SOS family homes and were interested to know more about the everyday life of their SOS friends. 

During the first morning session, the children were divided into three groups.  They discussed the following themes:  how to describe a responsible student, how to keep up with the required level and how to manage homework time.  The discussions were actual and fruitful.   After the snack break, the participants gave a testimony on their personal scholastic difficulties and the practical means to solve them.   Overcoming challenges and making sure that you have a good balance between studying and relaxing are surely good ways that lead to success.   This gathering had a positive impact on the school results of our children.   For the year 2009, the school success rate is 92%. 

Together we continue doing our best to strengthen our children’s hopes in a happier future.   Thank you for your fidelity.  On Christmas Eve, after singing carols and opening their gifts, our children at SOS Children’s Village – Kfarhay will have a special thought for their dearest sponsors.  They wish you all what is good during this Holy Season and for the year 2010.