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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Kaifeng, China

Sponsored children from Kaifeng
Sponsored children from Kaifeng

A child sponsorship report from Kaifeng in China. Written in 2009.

Dear sponsors,

Again it is time to report on most important events and lives of the Children in SOS Children’s Village Kaifeng.

Since more and more people are settling down in the local community, we have more neighbors. The space in front of the village was cleaned and covered with bricks. Many old people relax and do moring exercises here. Around our village, there are many small shops, restaurants, stalls selling vegetables, it is more convenient for us to buy articles for daily use.

A girl from the village got married during the Chinese Spring Festival. She is the first girl who got married from the village, The village director and her SOS mother attended her wedding ceremony. Despite still living in rural area, the girl feels very happy, for her husband is hardworking and loves her very much. We believe they will be happy forever.

Just after the Chinese New year, we welcomed 32 new comers. They are all orphans from countryside. They had been in admission plan in 2008, but the sudden earthquake in Sichuan province interrupted our plan and we reserved the spaces for the orphans affected children from the disaster area. In the beginning of year 2009, we were informed not need to keep space for them. Each newly come child had a thorough physical check. Under the care of their SOS mothers, they soon recovered from former malnutrition and other problems. And now, they have become used to the lives in the village, and gradually love their SOS mothers and get on well with brothers and sisters.

In March, there was a sudden spread of infective disease, which was called HFMD(hand, foot and mouth disease) in our province. HFMD was caused by the enterovirus infectious diseases, many occurred in children under the age of 5, can cause hand, foot, mouth parts, such as herpes, some children may be accompanied by cough, runny nose, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, headache and other symptoms. Most patients can be self-healing, a small number of children likely to cause myocarditis, pulmonary edema, complications such as aseptic meningoencephalitis. Individual children with severe progression of the disease quickly lead to death. In our city, nearly 30 children were killed by such disease. Our village made great efforts to prevent our children from sufferring the disease. We invited a professional medical worker to help us with epidemic prevention. All the children are all healthy, none of them catches the disease. Also we are facing the threat of disease of A/H1N1 influenza, althought there is no confirmed patient casued by A/H1N1 in Kaifeng city, and there are only 8 A/H1N1 influenza cases in our province,  necessary work are having been done to prevent the disease.

In April, we welcomed a group of experts on psychological training from Beijing Nuanguang Training Center. They gave all the youngsters over 14 years old a training course as the theme of “ Facing true lives, gaining happy growth”. All the children showed great interests and took part in the courses actively, and this was the first time for them to attend the “experiential training”. During the courses, they were the leading actors to attend the kinds of activities , instead of accept passively. Through two day’s training, the children learned how to face the difficulties in their lives and to develop their future in responsible manner.

In June, 4 boys from Youth House and 4 girls from families took part in the College Entrance Examinations, which is the most important examination for the high school students. At moment we did not know their scores, we wish them have a good result. It is more difficult for the students in Henan province to be admitted by college, even they have high scores, for Henan has the largest number of population in China, and there are less colleges and universities. The minimium admission score in Henan province is much higher that in other provinces. That is to say our students have fewer opportunities, and they have to work harder if they want to enter a good college or university. Also in June, 6 children took part in the entrance examination to high school. If their scores are good enough, they can enter a better high school, otherwise, they have to choose common high school or technical school for profession training. Also we hope that they are satisfied with their final choice, of course, we will give them our help and advice.

This year, SOS Children's Villages is celebrating its 60th anniversary, also is the 60th anniversary of our motherland. Kinds of activities were held to celebrate the happy days. Organized by Kaifeng Federation of Industry and Commerce, 20 female enterprisers with some officers from the governmnet visited our village and donated some books, desks, bookcase and bicycles, and a long term cooperation agreement were reached between SOS Children’s Village Kaifeng and Kaifeng Federation of Industry and Commerce. They have promised to help the village’s development. Some children expressed their appreciation to SOS Children’s Village and sepcial wishes to the children in SOS Chidren’s Village Beijing, the 10th SOS Children’s Village in China.

The children’s school term is coming, some of the children will go back to their hometown to live a short time with their relatives, and some will take part in a summer camp which sponsored by a toy company in Beijing.