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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Itahari, Nepal

Sponsored child from Itahari
Sponsored child from Itahari

A child sponsorship report from Itahari in Nepal. Written in 2009.

Dear Friend,

It has always been a pleasure for us to write you on behalf of children, mothers and staffs of this village and wish you  Merry Christmas and a Very Happy, Peaceful and Successful New Year 2010. We thank you for your continuous and generous support to orphan and abandoned children living under our care. Your support has provided them wings to experience happiness, live in peace, and fabricate their own future. More than ever, we would like to thank you for your trust in us and the organization.

SOS Children's Village Itahari is providing home to 143 children, 85 boys and 58 girls. They all attend to SOS School Itahari in different grades. They are doing well in their study and pursue other life-skills. Some of them have secured outstanding result in their classes. The SOS mothers, aunts and other pedagogy staffs provide them guidance, love and security for their successful career in life.

SOS Youth Facility Biratnagar is providing a transit home facility to the adolescents who are brought-up in SOS Children's Village Itahari. Currently 97 youths, 50 boys and 47 girls are receiving the necessary care, support and guidance, for their final integration. Lately, a boy Krishna, is selected for Asian game. He will be representing Nepal on Hockey. The youths are involved in social works in the outside villages that we organize for them annually.

Similarly, SOS Higher Secondary School Itahari imparts quality education to our children and children from underprivileged and middle-class families. A dedicated team of 35 teachers and other staffs members are working at school. A total of 546 students, with diverse social backgrounds, are enrolled in the school in nursery to class 12. School organizes various co and extra-curricular activities through-out the year to enhance the innate talent of the students.

Under SOS Social Centre Itahari we run several community-base programs for needy children and families. The centre is highly involved in community development programs too. The day-care facility makes it possible for poor working parents to carry out their daily works by sending their children to daycare facility. These 74 children are cared, feed and looked after by nurses and baby-sitters besides regular Early Childhood Education program. Housing and Micro Credit: It is another philanthropic project run since 2007. The program provides small credit to the poor community people to build a house or renovate the existing house. Likewise, we provide fund to start small business to earn their livelihood through micro credit. Till the date, we have been able to construct and renovate 270 houses and lend fund to big number of families to start the business. Each family has a story to share with about the shelter program.  SOS Medical Centre is a well-equipped dispensary, with visiting doctor and nurse. It provides family planning support, pre and postnatal care and immunization services. The women from the local communities are provided with skill development training where they can get six-month training on tailoring, embroidery, & boutique. About 40 ladies attend these programs in every batch. SOS Itahari also provides support to many fatherless families, under Family Strengthening Program. These families are provided with monthly family budget, medical support and educational support. Presently there are 71 families and 140 children under this program. We are thinking to increase the number of beneficiaries by 25% in 2010. This program has enabled many children to get basic education and keep the family intact which we suppose is best in the interest of the children.

The political situation in Nepal is not stabilized yet. Youths are frustrated and has negative feelings towards politics and politicians. Thus most of them go to abroad for employment. However, this political inability and economic downfall have not distracted us from our mission, which is to provide a safe home and a secure future to our children. Yet, we realize that our work could never been carried-out without your support. You have made it possible to accomplish our mission, not only to your beloved sponsored child, but to many children and families of the communities.

We would like to thank you very much and once again wish you a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year 2010.       

Yours Sincerely

Ramesh Tamrakar

Project Director