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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Inhambane, Mozambique

Sponsored children from Inhambane
Sponsored children from Inhambane

A child sponsorship report from Inhambane in Mozambique. Written in 2009.

Dear SOS Friend,

Please accept warm greetings from SOS Children’s Village Inhambane. Firstly, we would like to transmit our happiness for having the chance of writing you this end of year report in order to share with you information concerning SOS children’s village Inhambane. In the meantime and on of the SOS Family as a whole, we would like to thank you very much for the magnificent support you are giving for the wellbeing of all children living in this village.

The SOS children’s village Inhambane was officially opened on 13th October 2008 and this year has celebrated its first anniversary. To commemorate this memorable occasion there was organized a festival in which, various cultural activities were performed by the little ones from SOS Nursery and SOS School. In fact, it was great celebration; sounds of children laughing, screaming and happily chatting could be heard in the village’s background.

As accomplishment, we are happy to mention that all children living in this SOS Children’s Village Inhambane are experiencing good state of health and enjoying of happiest and nice growing thanks to the intervention of Village Doctor on providing efficiency in medical assistance as well as the good diet that the village provides to the children in order to ensure their healthy development. Referring that some children who looked weak on the date of their admission have already changed their physical aspect getting strong and strong.

The SOS Inhambane is composed by 15 family houses in which 3 still empty. As of now 98 children (54 boys and 44 girls) are growing up in 13 family houses under care of 13 loving SOS mothers and 7 aunts. 32 children from the village are attending SOS Primary while 38 attend the SOS Nursery.

Since last July the village has been working on CDP (Child Development Program) which is responsible on identifying children abilities for further studies in order to help the mothers and village management to discover the real needs of each child during their within the village as well as their future school career or vocational training.

This work counts with assistance we get from the Provincial Services Social welfare who has been supplying us with children’s background. In order to strength the relationship between the village and Social Welfare a team from Ministry of Social Welfare visited the village in last August. According to this Team the good relationship between these two organizations is a fruit of appreciable work that the village is doing for the wellbeing of needy children of Inhambane Province. “We are impressed for the work of SOS, like this we believe that SOS is giving big contribution to achieve the objectives and goals of Mozambican Government on reducing the rate of vulnerable children.” said one of the representatives of the Ministry of Social Welfare.

In order to put children growing up with the conscience of playing in the cleaned places the Village Father (Village Director) and all children aged 5 up to 9 years old do general cleaning on the places that children play frequently, this collective activity is based on picking up leaves and sweeping the floor and is done in all Saturdays morning from 8 o’clock to 10:00

Beside cleaning activities, the village father, SOS mothers and teachers take the opportunity to transmit to the children basic skills about the use of soil by involving them on planting cassava plants and fruit trees in the school small farm; this activity will bring positive impact to students for their self-sustenance mainly the ones who lives out of the village as well as SOS children when they would decide to live the care of SOS.

While this, the village Management has been persuading all co-workers mainly for those ones who lead directly with children to read the SOS Manual concerning to the “Child’s Right”, as measurement of consolidating the respect between mother/aunt as well as to avoid that workers may probably breakdown SOS rules.

In Mozambique the schools closed officially on the last 30 October for those children who are not suppose to write annual examination. The holidays will last on the next 30th January, 2010. The others who attend grades 5, 7, 10 and 12 have already started to write their annual examination on the last 3rd November. Fortunately all SOS children had good performance during the present school year of 2009 except one that is remaining with learning problems. The village educator has advised that the child should be seen by the psychologist for good assistance and recommendation.

In September the SOS school cultural group participated in the 1st Provincial Choral Festival held in Inhambane city. Organized by Ministry of Education and Culture the Festival was intended to discover new talents in cultural arena. Fortunately the SOS group performed well although was the first time the group was invited and to participate in festival of that level.

The SOS Family Strengthen Programme (FSP) has already opened its doors in Inhambane Province. At the moment the project is establishing contacts with the Municipality Council and Local Community Leaders in order to identify vulnerable communities and their real needs.

Just to the end of our letter, we would like to express our sincere gratefulness for your big commitment of saving lives of many children of SOS Inhambane and on behalf of all children living in this village wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Sincerely yours,

Alfredo Fernando Luiz Mahoche

Village Director