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Children in Ecuador often face an impoverished upbringing. As parents turn to alcohol, drugs and violence, children are often left to pick up the pieces. SOS Children's Villages has worked to save damaged lives in Ecuador for over half a century. … more about our charity work in Ecuador

Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Ibarra, Ecuador

Sponsored children from Ibarra
Sponsored children from Ibarra

Child sponsorship report from Ibarra in Ecuador. Written in 2009.

Dear sponsors,

It’s a pleasure to send to your homes the news of this year. Some time ago, the SOS Children’s Village Ibarra had just 11 families and one house was closed. However, on Tuesday April 28th everything changed with the arrival of two sisters that were sent to our village by the Children’s Judge of Otavalo canton, to be protected and receive family-based child-care. With that event, we opened Orchid’s house. A higher miracle occurred on Wednesday May 20th, when in the afternoon another girl arrived to this house. 

In the last six months we welcomed 17 kids, and we extended our support from 85 to 102 boys, girls, and adolescents in our SOS Children’s Village. To give appropriate care and attention to these kids it was necessary to search for new SOS aunts and in that attempt, we’ve met many young and mature women that would love to get involved in this admirable job, full of personal satisfactions and taking it as a life’s option. Right now we have with us 6 aunts and 13 SOS mothers who have received training for a long time. Just this year, on august, 4 mothers received the official diploma as SOS mothers, after finishing a 5-year-formation. SOS organized a meaningful ceremony in honour of all the graduated SOS moms as a reward for their hard work, their kindness and great vocation.

Also, on this year 4 youth from SOS Children’s Village Ibarra finished their high school studies. It’s really nice to see how they get their goals and purposes. Now they aspire to continue their studies and get a professional or technical degree. On the other hand, 7 youth finished another step in their formation and are now in counselling stage. One, who is part of this group, is really intelligent and obtained a scholarship in USA (Idaho) where he will study Visual Arts.

We carried out some events as a voluntary communal labour to fix the village’s gardens and parks. Right now all the houses are being painted so that it can look nice and the children can feel proud of living in it.

Even though the social centre La Campiña’s restructuring (now it’s a community centre) was hard, now everything is going alright. After the signing of an agreement with a local foundation to use a bigger space in El Tejar neighbourhood, we are working to extend the service to 200 boys and girls, next year. We opened a new community centre called ‘Estrellitas’ (stars) that now is taking care of 50 children and we’re also giving technical assistance to a centre of Fundesco foundation. This centre called ‘Corazoncitos’ (little hearts) maybe will be under our responsibility in the next months. The community centre Lomas de Azaya is working very well and it has a new room, which allows us to give a better service to more kids. We care 40 children there. We will conclude the year with 400 boys and girls receiving protection in our family strengthening programs. To reach these goals, it was necessary the self-management and the support of public and private institutions, such as Ibarra’s municipality, INFA (government institute for children and families) and charitable people like you, who support our work. We hope that this news have been to your liking. We don’t want to end this letter without sending you our best wishes for the coming holidays. 

With affection,

Patricia Cazares

SOS Children’s Village Ibarra Directress