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Poverty forces many Colombian parents abandon their children. On their own, many fall prey to criminal gangs or the sex trade, leaving them vulnerable to exploitation, sexual abuse and mutilation. We offer a safe, loving home for children in eight locations, including the capital, Bogota. … more about our charity work in Colombia

Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Bucaramanga, Colombia

Sponsored child from Bucaramanga
Sponsored child from Bucaramanga

A child sponsorship report from Bucaramanga, Colombia. Written in 2009.

Dear friend,

This year, SOS Children's Villages is celebrating its 60th anniversary around the world and the SOS Children’s Village Bucaramanga is celebrating the 10 years and we would like to express our gratefulness for your great contribution to develop programs for girls, boys and young people wellbeing in our region. On behalf of the family-based child care programme with 116 children at the Village and 16 youths in process of youth community and the family strengthening programmes El Reposo (Bucaramanga) y Pasacaballos (Cartagena) we are going to share with you some experiences of boys, girls, teenagers and young people, who are advancing in their process of development, improving difficulties, enjoying happiness and facing changes according with their ages.

A week to promote the art in children and to remember a son, a friend…

If walking through the road
You see a black landscape ¡stop!
Bring the vynils
Paint it
Give a brilliant touch to illuminate the landscape
Give a brushstroke of hope to continue

This is one of the verses of the poems written in the ‘First artistic festival for life, dreams and hope’; festival that was launched on April the 26th in honor of the Brayan’s death first anniversary.  We chose poetry and painting like the best expression of art to remember him, being his greatest hobbies. We received 25 paintings and poems, was a better answer that expected.

During five days, girls, boys, teenagers and youth had meetings spontaneously outdoors or at the library to read poems of Rafaél Pombo, Pablo Neruda, Mario Benedetti and some writings by Brayan. The library was decorated with Brayan’s paintings.  Finally, it was done a forum where everybody talked about their impressions and a Reading tales journey.

The Family Strengthening programmes Bucaramanga and Cartagena

The SOS Social Centre El Reposo in Bucaramanga and Pasacaballos in Cartagena, make partnerships with private and official organizations of the region with the purpose to promote and guarantee the girl and boy rights and strengthening families.  Nowadays, 101 families with girls and boys are participating in the SOS Social Centre ‘El Reposo’ and 146 families take part of the SOS Social Centre Pasacaballos, Cartagena.

These are the actions developed in the SOS Social Centres as follows:

Family: Strengthening affective links, healthy style of life, building and monitoring family development plans.

Women: Construction of the women development plan. Guidance in sexual and reproductive health. Women are trained in offices and arts and crafts like imitation jewellery, hair-cutting, manicure in order they learn to do something to earn money. Therefore, they are trained in business undertaking.

Community: There is a management committee formed by community mothers, leaders of the sector and parents participants of the SOS Social Centre. SOS Children’s Village leads a network of organizations which work for children in the region.

Children: Direct attention to 204 first infancy girls and boys in Bucaramanga and 150 in Cartagena; each one of them has a development plan that involve cognitive, physical and emotional aspects; according with age development scales are applied in order to monitor their development and nutritional state.

Your lasting support also motivates and inspires us to continue working for boys, girls, teenager and youth wellbeing.

Therefore, on behalf of the SOS Children’s Village Bucaramanga and the SOS Social Centres El Reposo and Pasacaballos, you deserve to receive especial greetings and to make part of this big SOS family in Colombia that feels very proud of you.

Your contribution is important to helps 829 girls, boys, teenagers and youths enjoy a family in six family-based care programmes and 3,098 children with their families being supported through the 16 family strengthening programmes that prevent children’s abandonment increasing in Colombia. These figures are to say that SOS Children’s Village Colombia has grown from year to year during almost 38 years like around the world after six decades from one SOS Children's Village in 1949 to 500 SOS Children's Villages in 2009.

Kind regards,

Carlos García Torres and pedagogical team       


Aldea Infantil SOS Bucaramanga