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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Bhubaneshwar, India

Sponsored child from India
Sponsored child from India

A child sponsorship report from Bhubaneshwar in India. Written in 2009.

Dear Friend,

Greetings from SOS Family, Bhubaneswar

With great pleasure, we would like to communicate you the various developments that have taken place here. You are our not only closest persons to our family, but you played very significant role in bringing cheer and joy share in the lives of children under our care.

To begin with, SOS Children’s Village Bhubaneswar consist of 15 family houses, an SOS Nursery School, big playground for children, Computer laboratory and children library.

Our well-designed SOS Nursery is a point of attraction with the precious possession of two eye-catching Kids’ computer which is being used by the children for pronouncing alphabets, story making, using words in a small sentence and counting the numbers in musical styles.

Village Strength and Status

SOS Children’s Village Bhubaneswar is the home for 282 in including youths. 154 Children are residing in the village, 41 children are staying in the residential school and 70 youths are in Youth house. Other 37 youth are engaged in their job.

During this six-month, we brought home 13 children placed in different family houses. Housemothers and other children received children with traditional “Tilak and Arati”.

This year overall pass percentage was 99.33% out of which 50% children scored above 60 % marks.  All the children from 10th and 12th board examination passed successfully.

During this year one girl got job in a residential school as a English Teacher after completing her M.A in English. One girl married and settled her life.

Youth Status: Arunodaya and Sopan

Two youth houses consist of 70 young adults. Out of 70 youth, 18 are studying in school, 7 youth are attending university, 19 are attending Vocational/Professional courses, 8 youths are undergoing apprenticeship.  Other 18 youth are engaged in their job.


During the Summer Vacation, a lot of activities were organized for children like Yoga, painting, quiz classes and different fun activity like musical chair, song and dance competition. Children made use of Bakul library in the city organized by one of our sponsors. Exposure outings were also arranged for the children that included visit to historical places like Konark, Dhauligiri, Otri, Dhabaleswar, Lord Jagannath Temple ect. On the occasion of world Environment Day, 55 children were taken to Kankadahad for a picnic.  In collaboration with AZAD, a local NGO, organized the programme. Children also participated in two day workshop named as Juara -2009 ( a Festival of Children in Orissa) organized by   ( Center for youth and social Development ) and Plan India at Regional Institute of education Auditorium. Exhibition, painting, Puppetry and Debate, child Parliament –duty bearer interface, celebrity interactions, film show and cultural activities were the highlights of the program. On the request of movie producer 115 children from Village were sent to Keshari Talkies to see the movie   with the Governor of Orissa along with other 200 children from other institutions.  Two of our girls received prizes from Governor for their excellent academic performance.

Children received many prizes from Coca-Cola groups for winning the competitions. Three paintings have been placed in the year calendar of COCA-COLA.

Health Aspects

Every month, height and weight measurement was taken for children. Besides, routine check ups were also held from time to time. Resource persons were called in regular interval to educate the children and mother on Health & Hygiene and nutrition.

Family Strengthening Programme

As on date, 600 children from 267 vulnerable families of 15 villages located within 20 kms radius from the SOS Village are directly taking benefit from this Family Strengthening Programme. The programme includes education & nutritional support to the needy children of Vulnerable families, capacity building of children & caregivers on different fields (Like Child Rights, Parenting skill, Home management, Child Nutrition, Balanced diet, Health camp & Psycho-Social),  increasing  income level of the caregiver & family as a whole through different Vocational / IGP (Income generating Programme) training & formation of Self Help Groups. Through this program empowerment of whole community is being done through awareness building on major topic like AIDS, Tuberculosis, Right to information, Sanitation & Consumer protection.

All this has been possible with the continued support and co-operation we receive from friends like you, for strengthening our efforts for the children in need. We pray to the Almighty for your happiness and well-being and may our relationship grow stronger with time.

Thanks for supporting a humanitarian cause. Expressing our sincere thanks once again,

With warm Regards,

Yours sincerely,

R.K. Patra