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India is home to 1.2 billion people, yet one out of every three girls growing up here will not finish primary school, and 40% of its adults cannot read or write. You can give a child an education and a happy childhood by sponsoring a child in one of our 34 SOS Children's Villages in India. … more about our charity work in India

Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Bawana, India

Sponsored children from Bawana
Sponsored children from Bawana

A child sponsorship report from Bawana in India. Written in 2009.

Dear Sponsor,

In order to succeed, the desire for success should be greater than fear of failure. This is the phenomenon of our working also. We never put our step back when working for the goodness of our children and our villages. Our only aim is to give a family and a home with sense of security to parentless, homeless and abandoned children. In that continuation, SOS Children’s Village, Bawana has undergone with so many changes and developments. In last few months, 07 new children (03 boys and 04 girls) are brought home and they have adjusted well in their families. At present, about 203 children consisting of 118 girls and 85 boys are growing up under love and care of SOS mothers. 60 children are staying in youth houses and moving forward to build and shape their future.

Family Strengthening Programme:

The Family Strengthening Programme is highly active in our village and working at its best level to serve the community.  A movement named “Raise Your Voice Movement” (Aavaj Uthao Abhiyan) was initiated by the Family Strengthening Programme.  Under this movement those women who were either victims of domestic violence or any other crime were invited and were been providing Family Counselling, Legal support and Guidance with Help of Delhi State Legal Services Authority and other NGOs.   

So many other workshops were also orgranized in last six months by Family Strengthening Programme for its beneficiaries to empower them enhancing their skills and confidence. These wokshops included various topics like “Prevention of Malnutrition“, “Hygiene and personal cleanliness“, “Life Skills“, “Child Rights“, “Capacity Building for Self Help Groups“ etc.

Academic performance of children:

The children of our village has shown a good academic performance during the academic session 2008-2009.. All the children have passed their classes successfully. Six children from the village and youth house were appeared in board exminaion in class X.  Amongst them one boy with  75% and one girl with  60% remained highest scorer. One girl in class XII board examination secured  57% marks. Besides this, 8 children got admission in Sachdeva Public School, Delhi which is a reputed school.  All the education expenditures of these children will be borne by the school. The total amount of Rs 6,40,000/- (Six lacs forty thousands only) will be borne by the school during the year.

Events for children in summer vacations:

During the month of June a village tour to Haridwar and Rishikesh was organised. In this trip the children saw various temples, Ganga ghat (river bank) and other worth seeing places.    

In same month a group of children went to Water Park at Alipur, Delhi for a day’s visit to enjoy different swings and water games. At the water park the children enjoyed the different types of water games and swings.  Lunch, snacks, Ice-cream and cold drinks were also organized on the spot. 

In summer vacations some educational and recreational activities were organised in the village for children’s enjoyment as well as to enhance their skills and knowledge. On this account various activities like painting competitions, quizes, poster making etc were held.  About 120 children of the village participated in these events. 

Festivals celebration and enjoyments:

In India, festivals mean a lot to people and it adds more color to it when they fall in vacations. Lots of celebrations and other fun activities are organized in our village.

Holi” the festival of colors, was celebrated in the month of March with great jubilance is memorable. The celebrations of the festival were started about a week ahead and mothers started preparing sweets and snacks at their respective homes.  Day before Holi, the children, mothers and co-workers gathered in the village premises for Holika-Dahan. On the day of Holi, early in the morning all greeted each other by putting Gulals (Dry colors) on each other’s faces and playing with colors and water balloons.  After playing with colors, snacks were served to all. On this event, drum was also played and children danced on its rhythms. 

Besides this, Republic Day, Mother’s day etc .were also celebrated with great passion.  In  June, the 60th Founder’s Day was celebrated with great zeal. Many cultural programmes were presented by the village children as well as Family Strengthening Programme children which included colorful dances, group songs and skits.   These programmes were presented by the village children as well as Family Strengthening Programme children. On occassion of Republic day a bravery award function was also organised which was attended by the undersigned along with a group of mothers and some children.

Health related programmes:

An immunization camp was organized with collaboration of Max India Foundation. Under which 3rd phase Hepatitis - B vaccines were given to the 99 children of Family Strengthening Program. The mobile van facility is being provided to the residents of the village by the doctors of NDPL. Through this facility on every second Saturday of the month Medicines, syrups and tonics are given to the village dispensary as per the requirement of the village.  A five days eye camp was organized by Venu Nursing Home which was sponsored by Canon Ltd.  In  this camp a team of doctors conducted eye tests for all the children of the village and Family Strengthening Programme beneficiaries.  Medicines and spectacles were recommended for those who needed it.

Relationship with corporate sectors:

So many corporates are in regular visits of our village to strrengthen and support us to work for children in much better way.  In March,  Coca-Cola India Ltd. visited the village and spent time with the residents.  In June, a group of officials from XL Group, India, had a visit on account of Global Day celebration with children.  They spent the day with the children and had a series of activities. The XL group also supported the children of three family homes through educational sponsorship.

At the last promising you to keep update with the village developments and hoping of your support in same way, we extend our sincere thanks to you.

With best wishes and regards,

Yours sincerely,
Village Director