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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Bambous, Mauritius

Sponsored children from Bambous
Sponsored children from Bambous

A child sponsorship report from Bambous in Mauritius. Written in 2009.

Dear sponsors and friends of SOS Children’s Village Bambous,

We hope that you are fine and enjoying a good health.  We are sending the warm greetings of the staff and of our dear little ones, who are cheerful and lively as usual.

We are in summer here, the weather is hot and humid, a sign that the rainy season is just around the corner.  The children are enjoying their school holiday and the village is full of life.  Certainly like our new slogan says “Maurice C’est un plaisir” it is really a pleasure to be in Mauritius those days.

Once again, we are happy to share with you the latest developments that have taken place in our village. The population at the village is now 41 children as one boy has moved to youth facility and another one to a foster care family, both youth boys have well integrated their new place of living and we continue to visit them and support them.

The year has elapsed rapidly and many activities occurred.   As usual we have had our traditional and cultural activities such as Independence Day in March, Divali (festival of light) in October, however we would like to share with you our special and most important ones.

The 60th anniversary of SOS Children’s Village

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of our organisation worldwide, we organised a fun/sports day “SOS Dingolympics” on Saturday 20 June at the stadium.  This activity was sponsored and supported  by some companies; it was  a first time event in the history of SOS Children’s Villages Mauritius, where the staff and children of both villages and the head office met to make it a special SOS family day.

Life saving skills and basic training at Swimming Pool

16 children of SOS Village of Bambous were delighted to go to the swimming pool for a basic training. They were so happy to participate and they had lots of fun in the water. All of them paid very good attention to the trainer and turned out to be quick learners.

The children performed very well and showed great interest in this activity. When the time was over our little ones did not want to get out the pool so the trainer gave them an extra half an hour; those lucky ones!

Handing Over of new “Dogi” to KARATE CLUB

It’s been over 5 months now that some 10 children of SOS Village Bambous are practicing “Karate” 3 times a week, in the Training Centre SOS Children’s Village Bambous, with a martial art’s master. The kids always look forward to these sessions and enjoy them tremendously. They enjoy the fact that they are able to unwind and at the same time they are learning “self-defense”.

Therefore, it was an immense pleasure for the children when in october one of our partner offered 10 Kimonos (“dogi” in Karate jargons)  to our little “Karate Kids”. They were so proud receiving and wearing them, where they felt; quoting “Like Real Ninjas”.

CAMPING under tent at Mont Choisy

It has been a first experience for SOS Children’s Village of Bambous in November to organize our ever 4 days camping. All the kids were accompanied by the SOS Mothers and social workers at Mont Choisy Beach which is situated in the north of the island.

It was fun for the children to sleep under the tents, eat on the beach, fetch water to bath and cook.  Actually that was the part the children and adults preferred the most; the gathering around the Camping fires until late in the night. The kids were eager to demonstrate all their talents; they sang, danced, played, put-up shows, told stories.

Our little ones also enjoyed the sea; they went swimming 3 to 4 times a day and made friends with other campers. After 4 full-on days, they all came back home tired, but extremely happy and satisfied.

Family Strengthening Programme (FSP)

The FSP addresses the root causes of child abandonment by empowering families to properly care after their children.  The outreach social workers work with children and family of some localities.  On the 16th of October an exhibition was held to mark the official completion of the Decentralized Programme/European Union funding during these two years in reaching out those in need of support and care.  On that special occasion, some 100 beneficiaries and VIP joined at SOS Children’s Villages Bambous.  The exhibition ended by emphasizing on the FSP strategy for 2016 that is targeting some 2000 children. During the gathering, the children attending Bambous Remedial Classes entertained the audience by touching songs and poems. In their address, all the VIPs emphasized on the necessity of addressing the problems of poverty in Mauritius as well as their strategies, such as the programme of Eradication of Absolute Poverty concerning the Ministry of Finance.  The gathering ended with rewards for beneficiaries in Bambous who have brilliantly succeeded in education, as well as, for those who have exited the programme and who are presently self reliant. 

We would like to thank you for your steady support.  All the staff of SOS Children.

Yours sincerely

Sandra Athalie
Assistant Village Manager