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Child Sponsorship Report 2009: Chvalcov, Czech Republic

Children from Chvalcov
Children from Chvalcov

A child sponsorship report from Chvalcov in the Czech Republic. Written in 2009.

Dear sponsors,

The end of this year is coming and so I would like to inform you about this year’s activities in SOS CV Chvalcov. There are 7 new children in the village! The married couple who came to the village at the end of last year, has admitted the one year’s old girl named Bohdanka. Betuška who has two little brothers looked forward to a new little sister. The SOS mother Dana accepted one year’s old little girl Natalka in May and so their four siblings care about her and help their SOS mother. New SOS mother Romana has been caring about 5 siblings since July, three boys and two girls who are probably the most talkative group of children in the village. The all new children have taken in the village collective without problems.

During winter time all the children took advantage of good snow condition in the surrounding and they set out on ski slopes and cross country skiing.

They visited local favourite hills – Rusava, Trojak, Tesak and Kycera. Afterward the children were fit for ski training in High Tatra at the beginning of March. They spent this spring holidays here and besides skiing they could go on hiking tours. They also visited the aqua park in near town Poprad. All the children enjoyed lots of recreation and games and went back with pleasant experience.      

At the beginning of April the pink-pong tournament was held in the village.

Since it wasn’t possible to put up the same strong players against each other they had to accede to handicaps for stronger individuals. So it happened that somebody was without glasses, somebody played with bound legs or with the hand tied together with his body or with blindfold etc.

The final winner was a young lady Nada, but all the participants got small prizes and so they were very satisfied and enjoyed lots of fun.

In April our children went to the theatre and watched the performance “Playing with the devil”. This famous Czech fairy tales tells about Martin, the veteran who went to the hell and demanded justice. Although this performance had been going over two hours the charmed spectators were singing some songs for several days after.

The members of the art club organized the vernissage of works that were aimed at northern motives, especially from Sweden and Norway. They prepared under the eyes of their master not only their exhibitions (Pipi Long Stocking, Vikings …), but also word introducing of this states and the Swedish Table in conclusion. The Finish sauna, reindeers and snow missed only?

During Easter our children visited the northern part of Ždárské Hills, this area is called the Stables of the Knight of Toulovec (the robber baron hid here according to the legend). The best success had a fire-fighting tree here which is the spruce growing close to the rock and there is a possibility to catch on it in high of 6 metres and drop down like a fireman. All of the children wanted to try, of course, and this tree is so smoothed that there is no fear of ripping of trousers?

One month later the group went to a small forest hut near Korycany town, where the children had to fend for themselves, because there is absence of electricity, water and heating. They went 300 metres to a fountain for water and chopped wood for cooking. They spent evenings here round the fire, with candles or flashlights. Also the visit of the ruin named Cimburk was very exciting for them, because they sought a nostrum, played at policemen and thieves and sang with guitar there. The children went home with rich experience.   

After the conclusion of school year with reports – Hurray for summer holiday! The children were looking forward to the camp in Caldonazzo in Italy the most, where they could participate in various programmes focused on jugglery, art and music skills, drum-beat and sport activities.   

They enjoyed bathing in a lake nearby, visited the kid land named Gardaland with many attraction and met lots of new fried from all over the world. Our children went to other summer camps besides, where they enjoyed lots of adventures, fun and games.

At the end of August our children took part in fortnight tent camp in south Bohemia which was inspired with stories of staffers in the hospital M.A.S.H 4077 in Korea. Fly-in helicopters which were bringing new patients were heard very often and they needed medical treatment. The participants of this camp could learn the first aid treatment in this way.

In September the children started school again and that was the start for Renatka and Kevin who looked forward to the first class and new friend so much. They were wearing school bags on their back during the summer holidays. They are both very good at school and we cross fingers.

Zdenka and Denisa, these young ladies moved to the Youth Community, where they learn to be more independent and cope with it very well.

In October our children set out on the trip to Trebíc town, where they played the special game named Stínadla (which is a fictitious part of a town according to the Czech famous book.)This action was full of chases and adventures.

In November the whole village team is going to go to the theatre to watch a funny story named the Police fairy tale.   

Next action will be a traveller meeting about Mongolia and Russia, which would be very interesting and all the children, SOS mothers and the others are looking forward to it a lot.

So the most beautiful period of the year is coming, the Christmas time. At first it will be a Nicholas party with distribution of sweets and than a Christmas party with a children’s show. The children have been rehearsing a performance for their SOS mothers since November.

Everybody is looking forward to holidays, winter gaieties and Christmas with magic tales.

We would like to thank you on behalf of our children and mothers and we wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.