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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Viet Tri, Vietnam

Sponsored child from Viet Tri
Sponsored child from Viet Tri

A child sponsorship report from Viet Tri in Vietnam. Written in 2009.

Dear Sponsors,

The joyfulness will be doubled for SOS children’s Village of Viet Tri in the coming December with the commemoration of opening and Christmas. Everyone is in an eager waiting and preparing for the day. In the deepest of their heart, all the mothers, ants, children, co-workers and teachers want to thank you a lot for the gold heart of the nice sponsors like you helping us during the last time.

A Home For Many Children

The Village with the red roof of fifteen houses and one youth house caring and managing 191 children: including 8 babies; 10 children are already attending our SOS nursery; 125 children are attending school from primary, junior and high school; 34 youngsters are attending professional career at vocational schools, colleges, universities and master’s degree; 2 children are living independently and 4 children are in semi-independent life.

Academic Performance

Almost of the children show to be obedient. They have been trying their best to study and the result is so high. There many of them are ranked as advanced, excellent pupils. 4 of them received Odon Vallet scholarship. Specially, 12 children graduated from high school, in which: 6 of them passed the entrance exam to universities, 4 to colleges and the left came into a vocational school where they found interest in cooking.


Many useful activities held for the children in the special occasions such as: children day, summer holiday, mid-autumn festival… And also labour in summer vacation. The money the children got from labour is not very important than the experience they tasted. At the time being, the children are having drawing and knitting competition. The nicest products will be showed in the opening commemoration.

SOS Youth House

All the boys from SOS families get to the age of 14 want to be moved to the youth house. It is because of thinking they are grown up. In fact, they become young men. Come here the youngsters together live, labor and learn. They help each others to learn how to live semi-independent life. Up to now, we have 32 children moved to the youth house, in which 17 of them still live inside and the left attending at vocational training schools, colleges, universities. The oldest graduated from vocational training school found the work he likes.

Village Nursery

Here in Viet Tri, everyone knows about SOS children’s Village with caring and managing children who have difficult circumstances. They also know about the kindergarten of the Village located in peaceful, nice and fresh environment. Besides, the best teachers were recruited carefully into the kindergarten. The teachers always study more from others to renew methods of teaching for the kids. That is why the kids’ parents wish to sent their children to SOS nursery in all the last time.

Mothers and Ants

Mothers and aunts play an important role in caring and managing the children: remind their children to study, encourage them when they get good achievement, mobilize them when they meet difficulties in their life and studying. Eighteen mothers and aunts live together as sisters and friends to share their sentiment, experience of caring the children. They also set up club for mothers and aunts then sit together once a moth. Combining with educators, they invite experts to their club to give them nice and useful advice.

Marriage of Children

Up to now we have had already two children got married and they both have their own babies. We are also preparing for the other wedding for a daughter of the Village in the coming December.

Cosy Lunar New Year celebration

Ten years passed, SOS children’s Village Viet Tri becomes cozier and cozier with the laugh of the innocent kids who com from different places; more and more joyful with many children grown up and successful; and happier and happier when the youngsters get married. The children consider the village as their home now. Despite of busy with founding their life, even living far from the village, the children always remember and come back to visit their moms, brothers, sisters and others in special occasions such as Tet holiday or mid-autumn festival. On the days, all the children studying and working outside, gathering in their SOS’s family, prepare some dishes then sit side by side chatting. All of that created a lively and cozy environment in the SOS’s houses and village.

Dear Friends, our successful assignment is mostly supported from your kindness and encouragement. We wish you and your family all the best for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May the New Year bring you good health and success in life.

Yours Sincerely,

Nguyễn Văn Hải
SOS Children’s Village Việt Trì