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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Tsumeb, Namibia

Sponsored child from Tsumeb
Sponsored child from Tsumeb

A child sponsorship report from Tsumbe in Namibia. Written in 2009.

Dear sponsors,

SOS Children’s Village Tsumeb is pleased to share with you the events and accomplishments of the year 2009.
Still no structural changes have been made to the SOS Children’s Village; it consists of 10 family homes, two youth homes, a Village Director’s house, Child & Youth Coordinator’s house, a workshop, nursery, an administrative block, and an open shelter for daily activities.

Re-integration processes and new admissions lies at the heart of SOS Children’s Villages and as a result 4 children from the SOS family houses and one youth were successfully re-integrated with their biological families. However SOS Children’s Village continues to be involved in the lives of these children and is assisting them financially. Currently our SOS Children’s Village accommodates 95 children in the SOS family houses and 8 in the SOS youth homes. This leaves us with 5 vacancies available in the SOS Children’s Village Tsumeb. Twenty Seven resident and support staff are employed at the SOS Children’s Village Tsumeb. The SOS mothers and the support staff dedicate their support and encouragement to the children who are preparing for the final examination, before school closes in November 2009 for six weeks summer holidays. 

During the August – September 2009 holiday some of our children had the opportunity to visit the Waterberg Platopark. The children were very happy to see giraffes, kudus and other animals and enjoy swimming in the swimming pool. Together with a tour guide and their SOS mothers the children explored the nature on the walks around the Waterberg.

One SOS child who wrote the entry exam for Ghana, SOS International College, is continuing with the exams.

As per our strategic plan, each year opportunity is given to the youth to explore on career guidance, and this year 16 youths were exposed to the Ongediwa Trade Fair, where small and medium enterprises exhibit their products. Ongediwa, is a town in the far north of our country.
The Ministry of Health and Social services in collaboration with the SOS Children’s Village Tsumeb conducted a career exhibition and again 16 children from grades 9-12 attended the exhibition. The Boys Youth Leader, from SOS Children’s Village Tsumeb was the representative for us during the exhibition.

The Hermann Gmeiner day was a joined venture between and the SOS Children’s Village and the SOS Nursery. Members of the community including the Honorable Councilor of Tsumeb Constituency also celebrated the day. The day started by informing the participants’ on “Who we are” and was concluded with sports.

To ensure that quality care is delivered to the children under our care, trainers from SOS Adult Training Centre helped the SOS mothers and support staff with issues like performance management.

Once again our team at the SOS Children’s Village Tsumeb wishes to thank you all for your ongoing support without none of this would have been possible.  We like to take the opportunity and wishing you and your families a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HEALTHY NEW YEAR.

Yours sincerely

Rita Batson
National Sponsorship Coordinator