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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Tomilino, Russia

Sponsored children from Tomilino
Sponsored children from Tomilino

A child sponsorship report from Tomilino in Russia. Written in 2009.

Dear sponsors,

There are 48 children living in SOS Children’s Villages Tomilino. Forty seven of them already go to school and a boy named Ivan has started to attend a nursery. There are 16 young musicians in the SOS Village; they play the piano, violin, bayan (button accordion) and sing in a choir. These kids are subscribers of Moscow State Conservatory and Moscow International House of Music and regularly enjoy concerts by symphony orchestras and talented children.

The kids eagerly demonstrate their skills at various SOS Village festivities, concerts, performances and sports competitions dedicated to the traditional holidays such as SOS Village’s birthday, Hermann Gmeiner’s birthday, Christmas, Women Day, Defender of the Fatherland Day.

Our school children finished the school year 2008-2009 quite successfully, owing to additional classes with tutors, psychologists’ support, and the programme aiming to motivate and encourage children to study better. Every pupil who achieved better results comparing to the previous academic term are rewarded with visit to an entertainment center. In September 27 kids enjoyed all kinds of facilities provided by a large entertainment center “Cosmic”, bowling, billiards, carting, shooting gallery, amusement machines, etc. The kids are really grateful to one of the local banks team that supported this fun.

Summer vacation is usually full of impressions for our children. They go to children’s camps in different regions of  Russia and in the Ukraine. The kids not only sun-bathed and swam in the rivers and the Black Sea but also participated in numerous contests, concerts and went on excursion trips. Those who needed had an opportunity to improve their state of health at health resorts where they get necessary medical treatment.  

On September, 1st  a new school year started. Everybody was happy to see the classmates and teachers as they have missing them for the whole summer. For the boy named Nikita this was the first time at school. The fist academic term has been finished by now, and Nikita showed himself as a good student. He likes to learn how to read and write; the youngster is very inquisitive and communicative. Little Ivan’s SOS Mother had been worried if the boy would get used to the nursery. The boy liked it there so much that even does not want to leave it in the evenings, playing with the other kids!  

In September four SOS Families went to see the National dancing Show of Russia. Colourful costumes, terrific dancing in various styles impressed our kids and their SOS Mothers greatly. Thirty SOS Children visited an exhibition of the newest railway techniques. They saw modern trains, had a ride by a retro-train and played at a theme amusement park. 

In October and November our children enjoyed watching cartoons at the Big Animated Cartoons Film Festival. They saw an interesting exposition of the Earth Science Museum of the Moscow State University and were delighted with variety and beauty of existing earth materials. On November, 22, the SOS Children’s Village celebrated the Mother’s Day and hosted many guests, friends of CV Tomilino. The kids have prepared a lot of things to please their SOS Mothers. The SOS Village choir singers learnt  new songs, dedicated to mothers; children recited beautiful and touchy poems and made a lot of nice crafts of clay, paper, wood, etc. At the end of December the Swissotel Hotel is waiting our kids for the traditional Christmas festivity.

Christmas and the New Year time is coming. The children look forward to this merry and mysterious season. They make Christmas tree decoration with their own hands and small presents for all their friends and SOS Mothers. They are helped by volunteers from various pedagogical institutions who often visit the SOS Village.

On behalf of our children, SOS Mothers and Children’s Village staff I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your care and support and wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!