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South Korea

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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Suncheon, South Korea

Sponsored child from Suncheon
Sponsored child from Suncheon

A child sponsorship report from Suncheon in South Korea. Written in 2009.

Dear friends and sponsors!

The hot and humid summer continues after the rainy season. All the Suncheon SOS children's village's kids, mothers and fellow workers appreciate for your all concern and help. We would like to let you know what has happened in this village.

There are now 96 children here. We welcomed 4 new kids as our new family between February and April. The new kids, who are 10-year-old Yu-bin, 10-year-old Jung-jun, 13-year-old Jae-young and 11-year old Jae-hee, came here and Jae-young is Jae-hee's own brother. They are doing well on adjusting to the life here. In April, Maria, who is 26 years old, got married. Her matrimony proceeded in Seobu Church we go to and she currently lives in Haenam. We sincerely pray our children for their happiness wherever they are.

Last June, there were performances and events in commemoration of the 24th day of Suncheon SOS children's village. We had intently prepared for some performances such as some sports dances, music bands and so on. It was a pleasing day when we performed for sponsors blessing and helping us, and became the one through playing a variety of games with them.

Now, it is the summer vacation started with the children's longings. They participated in a summer camp held by the church and some of them picked out for 'Promising Kids Soccer Competition' are in camp training. Before long, middle and high school students are supposed to go on a walking trip and they plan to walk 70 km through 3 days with 2 nights. Also, all the family here is scheduled to go to a water park, Jungheung Gold Spa.

Dear friends we love and sponsors, we all not only appreciate for your love, concern and help but pray both you and  your family for happiness.

Village Director Mr. Seong-Yun Mun