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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Serowe, Botswana

Sponsored child from Serowe
Sponsored child from Serowe

A child sponsorship report from Serowe in Botswana. Written in 2009.

Dear Child Sponsors,

Who can imagine that it’s already 2 years since the Serowe Village opened its gates to admission of children……time flies heh?  Serowe Village started admitting children in January 2008 with only 5 houses completed and the rest still under construction. It wasn’t easy living on site with those massive construction machines, and the noise was unbearable. For the mothers it was extra work as they had to always watch out for kids not to fall in trenches and get on the way of the workers. This only shows how desperate the situation for the children to be moved to SOS can be.  It’s only natural for people to feel a sense of relieve and fulfillment when at last the village’s construction is complete, the construction company has cleared and moved out of the village and all the 12 houses are fully occupied! Serowe Village is now full to capacity with a total of 126 children.

Now that the construction is complete, all the children are placed in their respective SOS families, and all the needed staff employed the village director together with his management team have held a series of training workshops to the mothers to equip them for the delicate job they are doing. The children also have had group counseling sessions to help them adapt to their new home and the drastic changes that happened in their lives. The fact that children started being admitted into the village while some houses were still under construction; some children had to change houses several times. However this has had a positive impact on the children as they see themselves as one big family.

The children’s health is one big challenge for the Serowe Village as most of the children admitted there are suffering from chronic illnesses especially those related to HIV/AIDS. Most of the children admitted there are due to the fact that their relatives could not administer the anti-retroviral drugs properly. It is because of this that we have unfortunately lost 2 children this year. Apart from those 2 sad cases, most of the children are doing well under the supervision of our resident nurse. All the children’s weights are recorded monthly to determine which children need supplementary feeding and this exercise has proven to help the mothers to monitor their children’s health. Most of the children who got admitted to the village malnourished and underweight have improved and are now in their right weight.

The nursery is doing well. It still has 30 children but has the capacity of 120. All the children enrolled are SOS children.  The nursery curriculum includes indoor and outdoor activities for different age groups. Nine of the children have graduated and next year they will be doing standard one at primary school.   

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to you are valued sponsors as we know that without your support we wouldn’t manage to take care and give hope to the lives of the many  needy and deserving children in our country.