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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sponsored child from Sarajevo
Sponsored child from Sarajevo

A child sponsorship report from Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Written in 2009.

Dear friends and sponsors,

Here we are today with some new information about the life and work in SOS Children’s Village Sarajevo.

SOS Children's Village Sarajevo is taking care of 81 boys and girls growing up in 15 SOS families. Thanks to SOS mothers care they are growing up happy and healthy. They selflessly care about them, as well as the entire team of the village, whose members, all in the domain of their work, also do their best to make the lives of children easier. Our goal is that children grow up in healthy environment, to successfully go to school and become valuable and successful community members. That is exactly want we want to write about today, because this year the fluctuation of children between the villages, youth facilities and semi independent life, is very intense. Youth facility is program where children prepare for independent life in future. Semi-independent living is as close as independent as it gets, where children are still supported by SOS but live in their own household.

We are especially proud that 18 young people completed high school, left Youth facilities and are on the path of independence and seeking the job. Along the way, in the beginning, not all are successful; most of them still need support. It is not the same with our boy Goran. He achieved rapid success, thanks to his persistence and the work results.

Successfully completed high school of Economics, he found employment as a trader. He is proud when he comes to the village and tells stories about his business achievements and progress in work. Everything was crowned with proclamation of Goran as The Worker of the Month in his firm, despite the fact he has been working for only two months. This good and very important news, he immediately wished to share with his SOS mother who has been, and she still is the biggest support to him.

This year we are proud to 5 students of sports, law and medicine, of which one is particularly standing out - Sabahudin, second-year student of the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education in Sarajevo. He came to SOS Children's Village Sarajevo as a preschool child, and together with his biological sister was living in the SOS family. As a primary school student, he showed a good success and the particular interest of sport. His specialty is skiing. He was skiing every winter with pedagogical assistant while in the village. He remained lover of the snow, mountains, and winter sports till today. After completing Sport high school in which he had achieved great success he started the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education and achieved remarkable results in the entrance examination. He started Semi independent life created specially for students.

Living in rented apartment he is independent and responsible in his own household. Its landlords have only praise for his serious and responsible attitude towards property and towards them personally. Sabahudin is not only a good student, but he is pretty good-looking guy, with which communication can be lead on mature level. He himself is especially proud of the fact that he became an instructor of skiing. The ski school, "Vucko" on mountain Bjelasnica gave him a chance.

Our village is part of the community, not only geographically and architecturally, but in the broadest sense of that expression. All activities of the village are intertwined with the activities of the local community and complement each other. This showed during the Children's Week Day, when our children and families successfully socialized with members of the community. Our guests were children, classmates with their parents. All were pleasantly surprised by the surroundings in which our children grow up, and socializing was successful and happily through workshops, entertainment and sports activities where friendships are becoming stronger and hopefully long.

Special guests of our village this year were the protégés of the Centre Vladimir Nazor, a school for mentally challenged children, which few of our children also attended. These children have come to Village with their parents and teachers, to spend some time together and playing with our children. This event was crowned with cake, which cheered up the children. Through all these activities our village is slowly but surely building its way to all people not only the immediate community, but also the whole city. Already a lot of people recognize us as a family based care, they know who we are and what do SOS mothers do and they appreciate their work. They appreciate the whole village team, which gives its best to help children find their way.

But as you know, this would not be possible without your great help! Especially in these hard times of crisis we need you hand. Thank you for reaching it to us!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and may all your wishes come true. Our wish to have you as a friend has already came true.