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When Hurricane Mitch struck Honduras in 1998, SOS Children Villages mounted an emergency relief programme providing shelter, food and medicines for over 3000 families. Because of the large numbers of orphans and neglected children left in its wake, a new Village was built in one of the worst affected areas in southern Honduras. The Village has 10 family houses which are home to 90 children … more about our charity work in Honduras

Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Santa Rosa Copán, Honduras

Sponsored child from Santa Rosa de Copan
Sponsored child from Santa Rosa de Copan

A child sponsorship report from Santa Rosa Copán in Honduras. Written in 2009.

Dear sponsors and friends:

Receive best greetings on behalf of the children, mothers and collaborators in SOS Children Village Santa Rosa Copán.   It is a really pleasure to share with you some developed activities through the year at the same time to thanks you for your support.

During the present year we have welcomed 11 children who has adapted in a positive way with their SOS mothers, brothers and sisters and they are going very happy to school, one of them even though her age (12) never was in school before, but she has start to receive her education and next year will be already to began elementary school. Our updated population is 112 children of the age one to 17 years old; they are living in 14 family homes.

The Children are participating in complete formation they are attending school grades from: Early Stimulation 6 children, Nursery 30 children, Elementary School 69 children, and Secondary School 5 children.  All they have concluded very happy their school year, other with some difficulties but all approved their grades.   The children with special needs are attending to the special school where getting individual and group attention with one psychologist are.

Each child has the same educative opportunity, but always there are  children with much talents and abilities than others, as example Deylin who has gotten an scholarship in school due her efforts and dedication to her studies has kept excellent averages in her grade, other child is Omar who got three prizes, first on May he won first place in  writing of one tale, later  he participated again in department level and got the first place again, and last price was given to him by the bank institution  where he participated in a contest of spelling and got the third place.   These children with their dedication and efforts make the difference and became a proud for the SOS mothers and all the collaborators who impulse them to continue ahead.

The children and young in the free time collaborate with cleaning in homes but also they enjoys playing basketball, soccer, watching television, listening music, jumping the rope, dolls, cars all games according with their age.   All activities are developed after to fulfill their assigned tasks and school works.   On November they are concluding the school year in all the educative centers, to take advantage of this time they are organizing a plan of activities in that way children enjoys of free time.

Through this year the Mothers and Administrative staff have participated a plan of training and interchange of experience with other programs which helps carry out and strength to take good decision in each home.

SOS Children Village Santa Rosa de Copán even though the short time has gotten good impression to the external community and over all to benefit the childhood in the west zone of this country, it is the reason that some institutions are collaborating with us such as: on September 10th staff of one enterprises come to celebrated with children, then they had drinks snacks, cultural, artistic and sportive activities.

We are very grateful and glad to know that there are persons who are very distant from us but keep giving your constant contributions for the children in SOS Village Santa Rosa Copán.

Thank you very much!

Lic. Carlos Castillo

Director SOS Children Village

Santa Rosa Copán