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Palestinian Territories

In a country where living conditions are dependent on the policy of its neighbour Israel, children grow up with a limited sense of security. We provide safe, stable family homes in Bethlehem and Rafah, near Gaza. … more about our charity work in Palestinian Territories

Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Rafah Gaza, Palestinian Territories

Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Rafah Gaza, Palestinian Territories

A child sponsorship report from Rafah Gaza in the Palestinian Territories. Written in 2009.

Dear sponsors,

We take this opportunity to bring you up to date with your SOS Children's Village Rafah.

The siege imposed on Gaza strip continues for the third year, no serious hope available or expected. The Palestinian relationship in West Bank and Gaza Strip are not positive and dialogue of main parties  is fruitless. Along list of necessary goods are still missing from the local markets, and people's hope in real peace is fading.

The SOS Children's Village

Thank God, all our children are living well and all  are enjoying good health except normal cold or unserious illness which are normally nowadays treated immediately.

Summer Games

At the end of summer vacation,  in cooperation with UN, summer games camp was held in the village to serve one hundred children for two weeks. The camp included number of paragraphs, games, and divisions like painting, drawing, kites, storytelling, in addition to water games and sports. Fourteen activators supervised on the implementation of the activities. Our children enjoyed all the days of the camp. And number of them shared on the conclusion party which was attended by the director of UN social services, the executive director of the summer camps and number of UN staff in Rafah. The SOS Representative - Gaza expressed his deep please to host the summer games in the village and thanked UN agency for the great efforts to make our children happy and for offering the rubber games for the children in the village.

The SOS Youth Houses

We are proud and happy to announce that three youth girls were gotten married. We are happy to organize a group wedding to celebrate this occasion for the first time in the village. The wedding was attended by a crowed of people and famous persons from the community who came to share the village the great happiness and offer wishes and congratulations to the couples.

Al Jazeera, MBC and Al Quads T.V channels covered the wedding ceremonies and did interviews with the new couples who expressed their happiness of this moments and thank the village for its support to them. SOS Representative expressed his pleasure of this great event, that he considered it a big achievement and success for the village to help the girls to start new life. He and the Village Director wished the girls happy life and they emphasized the village contact with them after leaving the village.

Youth Summer Camp

Within chain of cooperation with Sharek Youth Forum, the village was happy to host summer camp was held to serve ninety five youths (boys and girls). The camp included many useful activities which aimed to develop the youths' social skills and communication and leadership skills. Also, the camp was good chances to reinforce the integration among our youths in the village and others from the outside community and make new friendships and exchange useful knowledge.

SOS Vocational Training Centre

The vocational center serves our youths mainly to improve their vocational skills and abilities besides the academic education. The Centre organized number of  training courses like video shooting  and editing, hair dressing and art of beauty and tailoring and sewing. And recently three new training courses in general maintenance for the youth boys from the village and from the outside community. Sixty youths participate in the training courses. This courses improve their vocational skills.

SOS Medical Centre

The medical Centre and dental clinic have offered daily care, check ups and treatment for the SOS community and for the school students and nursery. Also the dentist gave the students lectures about caring of teeth.

The medical center organized a medical day in a rural area beside the sea in Khan Younis. About eleven doctors of different qualifications shared in the medical day to offer free treatment and medicine for more than 400 needy persons. This initiative came to serve possible number of the needy people in the community and offered them free service. Besides, the Village Director offered big quantity to the medical center in that area contained of 60 kinds of medicine donated by Ministry of Health

Future School and nurseries

The summer vocation ended, and new schooling year started in the first of September in the school and nurseries. The headmistress and teachers started to organized the students' files and required stationary. And began to register new students in the school , and prepare time tables for every grade. In the first day the students were offered their new uniforms, the available books and stationary. The nursery books still on checkpoints prevented to enter Gaza. We tried to get benefit of the old books of the last year and some copies that we could get from the stores after waiting long time.

Finally we are unable to express our gratitude and thankfulness for your great kindness and boundless support to the SOS Rafah and our children. Just let us end our report this year with simple words of thankfulness and great wishes of  a

Merry Christmas and Happy  New Year 2010

With kind regards,

Wael Abu Mustafa
Village Director Rafah